The Office for Sponsored Faculty Projects (OSFP) helps individual or small collaborative groups of faculty to identify grant opportunities, develop competitive proposals, facilitate the process of applying, ensure Kenyon/funding agency compliance, secure relevant sign-offs, and monitor proposal submission by the Assistant Controller.

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OSFP Staff

Get in touch: or 740 427 5088.


• Assumes overall responsibility for establishing a best-in-class OSFP and ensuring that it serves the needs of its clients.


• Liaisons with college administrators and senior staff.


• Advocates for the resources necessary to create a robust grant seeking culture at Kenyon.


• Recruits members for the OSFP Faculty Advisory Group, coordinates and leads meetings, and ensures that it remains a dynamic working group.


• Continually monitors faculty research/creative/pedagogical interests.


• Meets with faculty members individually or in tandem with the assistant director at any stage of the grant seeking process.


• Stays abreast of funding opportunities and agency regulations.


• Develops relationships and facilitates contact with agency staff, including PI/PD calls with program officers.


• With the assistant director, provides leadership, guidance and support for the development of viable projects, from initial idea generation through submission of proposals or applications.


• With the assistant director, develops and hosts workshops on the various aspects of grant seeking.


• Consults with PIs/PDs as necessary to ensure that work on an active grant/ sponsored project is progressing satisfactorily, including reports to funding agencies.


• Guides and supports the assistant director in managing the day-to-day functions of the OSFP.

Get in touch:


• Manages the day-to-day functions of the OSFP.


• Remains up-to-date on faculty research, creative, and pedagogical interests.


• Works closely with PIs/PDs to match project ideas with viable funding prospects.


• Meets with faculty members individually or in tandem with the executive director at any stage of the grantseeking process.


• Routinely triages new funding opportunities with the aim of targeting specific faculty or administrator interests.


• Reviews drafts of proposals or applications, with particular emphasis on technical aspects, such as budgets (with the business office) or agency-specific proposal development guidelines.


• Assists with submission of collaborative or subaward documentation/assurances.


• Coordinates IRB applications and maintains records, including protocols involving human subjects, use of animals in research, or other internal/external compliance matters.


• Shepherds approvals/sign-off from the Controller's Office, academic departments, and College administration for all proposal submissions.


• Monitors and interprets all relevant regulations and practices associated with federal, state, local and private funding sources.


• Provides troubleshooting assistance for all applications and post-award administration.


• Maintains OSFP webpages and social media.

Get in touch: or 740-427-5551.


• Supports and assists faculty and staff from any division, department or program with fiscal and post-award matters related to external grants, manages grant budget records, and routinely reconciles those records with/against College accounting records.


• Works with and supports PIs/PDs and the Accounting Office on reimbursements for expenses, invoices, student and postdoctoral payroll charges, and requisitions. 


• Monitors grant charges and ensures proper allocation within the budget, consistent with the work completed as affirmed by the PI/PD, and allowable and allocable to specific grants.


• Prepares grant-related disbursement requests, including travel-related activities, reconciliation reports, invoices for faculty stipends and other invoices.


• Works closely with and supports PIs/PDs to ensure that invoices are processed and all equipment is purchased within sponsoring agencies guidelines and deadlines.


• Monitors grant reporting deadlines, alerts faculty as necessary, and assists with time & effort calculations.


• Assists PIs/PDs in keeping records on the impact of grant-related activity.


• Reconciles faculty and staff purchasing cards for active grants.


• Develops tracking and other reports as requested by the executive or assistant director.

Advisory Group

Members of the OSFP Faculty Advisory Group act as ambassadors to their colleagues, widely promoting our mission and services, providing critical feedback to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the faculty, vetting policies and procedures, bringing forward ideas and concerns, and otherwise engaging in the establishment of a best-in-class grants operation.

William Billiter (Exec Director Strategic Initiatives – OSFP)

Katie Black (Social Sciences - Economics) Pending SPRING

Julie Brodie (Fine/Performing Arts- Dance)

Tom Giblin (Chair of Faculty - Physics)

Shaun Golding (Social Sciences -Sociology)

Drew Kerkhoff (Assoc Provost - Biology)

Katie Mauck (Natural Sciences – Chemistry)

Micah Myers (Humanities - Classics) FALL

Frank Peiris (Chair, NatSci division – Physics)

Kerry Rouhier (Natural Sciences – Chemistry)

Wendy Singer (Social Sciences/Humanities – History)

Deedra Sukrungruang (Assistant Director - OSFP)

Orchid Tierney (Humanities– English/Creative Writing)


Ad Hoc –

Wendy Busenburg (Grants Coordinator)

Aaron Miller (Assistant Controller)

Business Office

Get in touch: or 740-427-5712.


Primary authorized signatory on behalf of the college for all proposals/applications. Located in the Office of Accounting.


• Works closely with OSFP and PIs/PDs to ensure the accuracy of proposed budgets, fiscal compliance with agency and college regulations prior to submission, and submits proposals/applications upon receipt of final approval from the Provost.


• Oversees the financial administration of awards, including no-cost extensions, subawards, close-out, etc.


• Prepares financial reports for agency reimbursement and for required reports.


• Assists the coordinator of grants administration and PIs/PDs as necessary in managing project funds.


• Ensures that funds are expended within the project period and that budget categories are not overspent.

Provost's Office

Get in touch: or 740-427-5114.


Authorizes all proposed budgets and activities once received from assistant controller, and gives the final approval for submission of faculty proposals seeking external funding.


• Direct supervisor of the executive director of OSFP.


• Encourages faculty and staff to seek external funding for research, curriculum development, training and service projects.


• Assesses departmental or unit personnel needs in light of grant and contract activity and approving faculty and staff effort proposed for the project (often delegates to associate provosts).


• Assists  PIs/PDs in identifying source(s) of matching funds (cash and in-kind) if required by the sponsor (frequently delegates to associate provosts).


• Approves PI/PD requests to the sponsoring agency via signature on documents such as the Letter of Intent.


• As necessary, participate in negotiation of a grant or contract.

Faculty Members & Administrators

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Develop the proposal narrative and project budget.


• Comply with Kenyon's policies and procedures, including ethical conduct, financial conflict of interest, scientific misconduct, intellectual property, the use of human subjects in research, animal welfare and subcontractor oversight.


• Abide by state and federal regulations and college policies and procedures related to human resource management, procurement, travel, safety, etc.


• Manage project funds, including expending funds within the project period and within designated budget categories.


• Request budget modifications and no-cost extensions through the Office of Sponsored Faculty Projects.


• Provide documentation of grant/contract expenditures and matching contributions to the Controller’s Office in a timely manner.


• Complete and submit required reports according to award terms and conditions.


• Inform OSFP of any substantive matters or changes to an award.

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