Parents are uniquely qualified to help in student recruitment efforts. Those who volunteer will receive all current admissions materials, including a volunteer handbook, the admissions prospectus and admissions newsletter. For more information, contact admissions.

Kenyon Parents Fund

The Kenyon Parents Fund is an important part of Kenyon’s unrestricted annual giving program. Gifts to the Kenyon Parents Fund help the College maintain its excellence in liberal arts education by providing much-needed support to many areas, including scholarships, faculty support, library and information technology, and student services.  The Kenyon Parents Fund campaign is planned and executed each year by a group of current Kenyon parents who establish goals and strategies for its success. If you are interested in helping the Kenyon Parents Fund, please contact Molly Gutridge ’99, assistant director of annual giving, at 740-427-5286 or

Career Development

Parents are valuable resources to students exploring various career options. They can be involved in the following:

  • Kenyon Career Network: Parents and alumni speak about their work with individual Kenyon students.
  • Extern Program: Parents and alumni welcome a Kenyon student to their place of employment for a week. The student observes and speaks with the parent and his or her colleagues about their occupation (usually during spring vacation.)

For more information, contact Lee Schott, dean for career development, at or 740-427-5165.


Bed and Breakfast Program: Parents provide housing to Kenyon students who are participating in the Extern Program, job hunting, or visiting graduate schools in their city or who are members of musical groups or other organizations visiting their city. For more information, contact Arian Wine, office of alumni and parent engagement, at or 740-427-5147.

Regional Leadership

Regional Parent Chair: Kenyon's Office of Alumni and Parent Programs seeks parents who will support alumni and parent activity by working with regional-association steering committees to plan events, to encourage parents to attend those events, and to coordinate the efforts of other parent volunteers. For more information, contact Annie Gordon, director of alumni engagement, at or 740-427-5096.