Please turn in your grades and progress reports (electronically) as soon as you can , but certainly by the date on which they are due. The time is 10:00 a.m. for each of these dates below in the 2019-2020 academic year:

Fall semester: December, 28, Saturday before 8 a.m.
Spring semester:  
     Seniors - May 11, Monday before 10 a.m.
     Underclass - May 19, Tuesday before 10 a.m.
(see the Registrar's Grade Submission Guidelines)


Incompletes are granted by the Dean of Academic Advising and only in extreme circumstances. A situation in which a student is simply not doing the work of the course, or has fallen behind, is not adequate grounds. Only the Dean of Academic Advising may finally authorize the granting of an incomplete. Faculty members may not grant incompletes. Incompletes are granted only because of prolonged or sudden illness, personal crisis, or sudden emergency at the end of the semester.

For students who have been granted an incomplete, the Registrar's office will insert an "I" (letter i) as a grade for the semester--or the instructor should do so if they get to it first. Once the student has completed the unfinished work, or time for doing so has expired, you will be solicited for the final grade that replaces the I grade.

Final Exams

If a faculty member wishes to schedule an exam at a different time, even if the class agrees, the permission of the Associate Provost is necessary. If however, the faculty member wishes to retain the original exam time and add an additional time, no permission is necessary.

If a faculty member gives a single student permission to take an exam at a different time, the faculty member should extend that privilege to the whole class. However, the Dean of Academic Advising and Support may, in consultation with an instructor, permit one student to take an exam at a different time because of an illness or emergency; in that case no provision need be made for the rest of the students in the class.

Questions? Contact the Associate Provost or the Registrar.