Accounts receivable directs inquiry to individual(s) responsible for receiving and processing funds (not related to student billing) received by the College. All questions related to this topic can be directed to this area.

Deposit Procedures

Some practical guidelines should be followed in order to safeguard deposits. Campus mail must not be utilized for submissions.

Deposits should be hand delivered to the Accounts Receivable Coordinator who is located on the first floor of the South side of the Eaton Center. Deposits of "Gift" monies will only be accepted from the Development Office.

When submitting cash or checks for a deposit, a Cash-Check Deposit Form must accompany the deposit. This form should be completed in entirety and have an attached calculator tape verifying the enclosed deposit total matches the total on the form. If more space is required for the deposit, attach additional forms.

For departments authorized to utilize credit cards for a deposit, a Credit Card Deposit Form must be submitted. All fields of this form are required and must be completed.

Please contact the accounts receivable coordinator if you have any questions.

Kyle Eddy

Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Phone Number
Email Address
Eaton Center - South