XIV. Education and Prevention Programs

Kenyon College recognizes that the most effective way to achieve a community free of Prohibited Conduct is to equip all community members with the skills to recognize and prevent these prohibited forms of conduct. 

Throughout the year the College offers educational programs to promote awareness of Prohibited Conduct. Prevention programs include an overview of the College’s policies and procedures, relevant definitions, including Prohibited Conduct, consent, discussion of the impact of alcohol and illegal drug use, safe and positive options for bystander intervention, and information about risk reduction. Incoming first-year students and new employees will receive primary prevention and awareness programming as part of their orientation.

Kenyon College offers regular primary prevention programs and ongoing education and awareness programs for all students and employees. Employees who play a key role in implementing the policy, including those faculty and staff who are likely to receive reports of Prohibited Conduct will receive regular in-depth training to assist with a timely, sensitive, respectful, and effective institutional response. The College is committed to ensuring that all employees understand how to respond to these reports of this nature.