On February 21, in response to requests from students, and in consultation with alumni leaders, staff representatives from athletics, advancement and communications, and the Board of Trustees, President Sean Decatur announced a process to consider a new moniker to better reflect our students today. Following nearly 2,000 responses with 200 unique suggestions, a slate of five finalists was shared with alumni and the Kenyon community for instant run-off ranked-choice vote. Owls was the winner. 

Important Dates

February 21

Suggestion and feedback form opens

March 22

Open forum for alumni and parents
President Sean Decatur and members of Campus Senate discuss possible changes to the monikers. Watch the alumni recording.

April 20

Suggestion and feedback form closes. (Note, the deadline has been extended from April 11  to April 20 due to delays with the alumni magazine.)


Feedback reviewed and suggestions narrowed by Moniker Subcommittee 

April 20

Submission form closes. View participation data

April 22

Voting opens (ranked-choice). We must have your current email to send your ballot, please update your email by sending to updateinfo@kenyon.edu.

May 2

Voting closes 



Campus Senate Moniker Subcommittee

  • Jess Book ’01, Head Men's and Women's Swimming Coach
  • Shawn Dailey P’24, AVP for Alumni and Parent Engagement and Annual Giving
  • Delaney Gallagher ’23*, Co-chair
  • Adam Gilson, Director of Design and Publication
  • Alyssa Gomez-Lawrence ’10*, Assistant Director, Office for Community Partnerships
  • Peter Haas ’25*
  • Olivia Hynes ’24*
  • Celestino Limas*, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Ted Mason*, Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Professor of English
  • Justin Newell, Associate Athletics Director
  • Erin O’Neill ’02, Head Softball Coach
  • Jon Tazewell ’84*, Co-chair, Thomas S. Turgeon Professor of Drama and Film
  • Molly Vogel ’00, Advancement Communications Director

* Member of Campus Senate

Participation in the Suggestion Phase

We received 1,993 responses from 1,806 people.

All Responses

Total Positive Negative Neutral
1,993 64% 31% 5%

Responses by Demographic

Total Positive Negative Neutral
1,333 63% 32% 5%
Total Positive Negative Neutral
242 64% 27% 9%
137 (student-athletes included in the total above) 54% 39% 7%
Total Positive Negative Neutral
170 62% 37% 1%
Total Positive Negative Neutral
31 87% 3% 10%
Other (friends, unclear entries)
Total Positive Negative Neutral
30 44% 53% 3%