Peter Haas ’25, basketball 

“It looks really fierce, I think everyone’s going to be really excited when they see it. I can’t wait to be on the court wearing a jersey with that on it.”

Delaney Gallagher ’23, lacrosse

“It’s tough and you’re gonna like it. I think the owl depicts a fierce and competitive animal, that’s how we want to portray ourselves.”

Jake Davidson ’23, baseball

“I think it’ll look cool on our uniforms, it’ll be cool for us to compete with us for the first time. Having something that encompasses all the teams and everyone at Kenyon is going to be a benefit.”

Tatumn Eccleston ’23, lacrosse

 “This logo embraces tradition while also showcasing a fierce and professional look for Kenyon Athletics. Go Owls!”

About Kenyon’s Owl

The name Owls is a tribute to the many species of owls living in our area and is inspired by the Kokosing River, the “River of Little Owls” that is a beloved feature of our campus. Like Kenyon athletes, owls are intelligent, perceptive and fierce. We have, in our Kenyon way, been singing their praises for years in Kokosing Farewell. The owl was designed to align with owls native to Ohio, including the horned and Eastern-screech owl, but — because it is a logo and not a figurative drawing — it is not a strict interpretation of any one species.

When will we see new owl gear?

The owls identity will be incorporated as uniforms and equipment are replaced, following our regular replacement cycle. Every athlete was given a t-shirt with the Owl to kick-off the academic year. T-shirts and other items with the owl on it are available now for purchase in the bookstore.

How will we use the shield?

The current athletic shield (or crest) was introduced in 2007, combining the athletic wordmark with Kenyon’s traditional shield. Likewise, we will have a version of the owls graphic for use in combination with a slightly modified athletic wordmark. The athletics shield will remain a ceremonial symbol for athletics. In addition, the College’s traditional shield, bearing Kenyon’s Latin motto, is an iconic part of our history and will always remain a ceremonial symbol of the College.

About the moniker selection process

In response to calls from students as Kenyon nears its bicentennial, President Sean Decatur announced in February a process to consider a new moniker. We received nearly 2,000 responses with 200 unique suggestions. A subcommittee of Campus Senate evaluated each submission, deciding which five to advance for ranked-choice voting. All members of the campus community as well as alumni were invited to vote on emailed ballots with the finalists in random order. We received 6,914 total ballots.