Announcing Kenyon's new moniker

Following 6,914 submitted ballots, Kenyon announced its new moniker will be: Owls!

The name Owls is inspired by the Kokosing River, a beloved feature of our campus. Kokosing loosely translates to “River of Little Owls” — a tribute to the many species of owls living in our area. Like Kenyon athletes, owls are intelligent, perceptive and fierce. We have, in our Kenyon way, been singing their praises for years in Kokosing Farewell.

Looking back on the process

In response to calls from students as Kenyon nears its bicentennial, President Sean Decatur announced in February a process to consider a new moniker. We received nearly 2,000 responses with 200 unique suggestions. A subcommittee of Campus Senate evaluated each submission, deciding which five to advance for ranked-choice voting. All members of the campus community as well as alumni were invited to vote on emailed ballots with the finalists in random order. We received 6,914 total ballots.

 “Anyone who passes through the Lowry Center doors, let alone the College gates, should feel confident and comfortable with the monikers we use to represent ourselves. It is our job as community members to help give the best Kenyon experience to every student we can. Anything less would be antithetical to our values.”

Delaney Gallagher ’23
Co-chair of Campus Senate, lacrosse player

Before the Lords

Did you know that for a time Kenyon teams were the Pioneers? And that before Ladies caught on in the 1970s, Lordettes was occasionally used? The history of monikers — names, not mascots — goes all the way back to the Mauve in the 1800s.