Horvitz Hall


Drawing inspiration from light-filled studios, artists take their work from concept to exhibit.

Lots of light, flashes of enlightenment

Experiment and execute. Express. Erase. Expose. Exhibit. Kenyon’s home for the studio art department was designed with the creative process in mind. Here you’ll find tools of the trade both traditional (the easel) and up-to-the-minute (the software-stuffed computer). Huge north-facing windows bring light into studios for painting, drawing and printmaking. There are wings for photography (yes, we still use chemicals along with digital techniques) and sculpture; two big computer labs for video and digital art; a professional-quality lighting studio; and a flexible space dedicated to installation art.

Fact: Senior art majors get their own semi-private studios, where they make a mess and make art, at all hours, before exhibiting their work at the Gund Gallery.