Gund Gallery


Always expect the unexpected at the Gund Gallery, Kenyon’s museum of contemporary art.

Outside the box, beyond the frame

Always expect the unexpected at the Gund Gallery. Contemporary art provokes, startles, disturbs and delights — and you’ll find all of the above in the exhibitions hosted here. The Gund is officially Kenyon’s art gallery and museum, but it really functions as a genre-bending, multidisciplinary, no-holds-barred cultural hub, focusing on the visual arts but also offering films, readings, lectures and musical performances.

Student associates work with professional staff to write exhibit text and give gallery tours. The art history department is based in the Gund, which includes several classrooms as well as an auditorium, and the studio art department exhibits senior projects here each spring. The building’s signature space is a large, flexible gallery area with high ceilings topped by skylights — a good place for the imagination to soar.