Register now for Kenyon's Swimming and Diving Reunion, Sept. 8 - 10, and if you need an extra push to attend, please enjoy the message below from Coach Steen.

Dear Lords & Ladies (of the past) and current Owls:  

Fifteen months ago, I received a text from Brian Kirkvold, Class of 1999, and it read: “Coachman, I think we need a swimming reunion. I don’t want the next time everyone gets together to be when you kick the bucket.” (The bold is mine!)

It appears Brian prevailed in his goal! Thanks to a hard-working committee of alumni the reunion also appears to be tied in with my induction into the Kenyon Athletic Hall of Fame … an honor, I might add, I have deferred for the last 20 years!  


Since the inception of the Hall of Fame I have been often asked by Kenyon swimmers and divers to present them for induction — an even greater honor for me. I’ve always felt the focus of attention during the ceremony needs to be on these individuals, the real stars of the program. This year we have four of Kenyon’s all-time greatest competitors being inducted into the HOF: Teresa Zurick ‘86, Read Boon ‘03, Agnese Ozolina ’04 and Andrejs Duda ’06.  

Consequently, I’ve been asking myself for the last six months: “We have a record number of amazing swimmers I could be presenting in 2023; why induct me in this particular year???” 

Thanks to Kirky the answer is clear: let’s get this man in the HOF before he kicks the bucket!  

If you’re coming back in part because of my induction, fine & dandy, although I assure you, I won’t be kicking the bucket anytime soon. As you know I’ve always believed in long tapers of which many of you have benefited! The real honor for me will be in seeing so many of you together again with your friends & teammates in a swimming community where so much history has taken place over the years.  

This truly is a once in a lifetime event — a gathering of men and women who participated & contributed to an unparalleled sport phenomenon! Each and every one of you, in my mind, constituted a unique group of individuals who came together at the right time, in the right place, to create something truly legendary. Trust me when I say there is not a Lord or Lady — for however long you were part of the team — I wouldn’t welcome seeing back at Kenyon in September.  You made Kenyon Swimming and Diving what it is today!

So, I encourage you to tap into your most meaningful connection with Kenyon Swimming & Diving — whether it be teammates, championships, camaraderie or any challenge that further informed your life going forward — and act on that connection! Please join those with whom you shared countless hours in the pool pursuing a standard of excellence judged by many to be the best in America. 

I enthusiastically look forward to seeing so many of you together again.