MarchaMartha Gavinski '14

Seattle Market Manager, Rishi Tea + Botanicals

Major: Classics | Current location: Seattle

Fond memories of Kenyon: My first year radio show on WKCO, "Sexy Music for Angsty Girls," was on at 8:30 a.m. each Sunday. Most students would've dreaded the early morning time slot, but my nerdy heart loved it.

Go-to pairing: Smoked tofu from Joule + Rishi's Schisandra Berry sparkling botanical (of course!) or a Pét-Nat wine from a local Washington or Oregon vineyard.

GregGreg Foster '98

Founder and CEO, Inferno Farms, LLC

Major: Biology | Current location: San Diego

Fond memories of Kenyon: Loved spending every possible moment in the old art barn getting creative with reckless abandon for Barry Gunderson's 3D sculpture classes. (If it weren't for him, I never would have graduated!)

Go-to pairing: Homemade guacamole with a few dashes of Inferno Farms' Volcanus + Spicy Frozen Margarita with a few drops of Inferno's Lava Drops.

Greg holds the Guinness World Record for eating the most Carolina Reaper peppers in one minute: 120 grams! Check out the video of Greg breaking the record.

AmyAmy McCloskey '83

Owner, Madame X Bar & Lounge

Major: English | Current location: New York City

Fond memories of Kenyon: Junior year, I learned how to cook Rock Cornish game hens in my dorm room toaster oven using raisin bread, honey and cashews stolen from the dining halls for the stuffing. Really sorry to hear toaster ovens were banned, because that recipe was delicious!

Go-to pairing: Homemade guacamole + fresh strawberry margaritas

Additional pairing: A dark & stormy made with homemade lemon/ginger syrup and a dollop of lemon sorbet. That tastes good with pretty much anything.

StephenStephen Hale '82

Founding brewer, Schlafly Beer

Major: Classics | Current location: St. Louis, Missouri

Fond memories of Kenyon: I had two years of Greek with Bill McCulloh, and he was really beyond words. He embodied all that I could have imagined a professor would be.

Go-to pairing: Traditional charcuterie board + Schlafly Kölsch

Pairing notes: The best glass for a Kölsch is a Stange glass, popular in Cologne and Dusseldorf and usually served in a Kranz tray.

Since the style of beer known as Kölsch is crisp, clean and light, fare such as a great salad would also work well. Brunch comes to mind as a good pairing with Kölsch, and of course, even a platter of bratwurst and classic sides with it, which might put you in Germany, so no matter what you order it’s bound to be a great experience!

O'Neill and MarieO'Neill Cushman '11 and Marie Ronzevalle

Art professor, Marchutz School of Arts, and co-owner, MANA Catering, Quarantine Kitchen

Major: Philosophy | Current location: Aix-en-Provence, France

Fond memories of Kenyon: I rode the bench all the way to Nationals on the Ultimate Frisbee team, where we got third place!

Go-to pairing: Campari spritz + focaccia (with rosemary, candied lemon and fresh anchovies!)

ElisaElisa Wickstrom '96

Co-founder, Rhizome Tonics

Major: Studio art | Current location: Portland, Oregon

Fond memories of Kenyon: I took as many classes as I could with Barry Gunderson. I still have a table I made in his "Art with a Function" course.

Go-to pairing: Grilled zucchini-wrapped shrimp + Rhizome Tart Cherry Tonic

MattieMattie Beason '99

Right coast sales & distribution, Stem Ciders and The Northern Spy

Major: Philosophy | Current location: Durham, North Carolina

Fond memories of Kenyon: My favorite professors were Peter Rutkoff, Jon Tazewell and Andrew Pessin, and I met my wife at Kenyon and we have two great kids.

Go-to pairing: NC pulled pork BBQ + Stem Ciders Real Dry — a beautifully appley cider with no sugar that retains great flavor.

CaitlinCaitlin Landesberg '05

Founder and CEO, Sufferfest Beer Company

Major: English | Current location: San Francisco

Fond memory of Kenyon: I never missed a Friday Café and enrolled in every Ted Mason course offered!

Go-to pairing: Korean Bibimbap + Sufferfest's Shred Kolsch (brewed with honey and cayenne)

Got a pairing to share? Contact us by email, and include your profession, recommendation and share a fond memory of your time at Kenyon.

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