Campus Senate serves to consider matters of importance to the constituents of Kenyon College. Senate members include elected representatives of faculty, staff and students and appointed representatives of the college administration. We work to improve cooperation and communication between members of the Kenyon community and to recommend proposals to Kenyon’s administration. Learn more about Campus Senate.

Campus Senate meetings are open to any Kenyon student, staff or faculty member who wishes to attend and observe. View the current Campus Senate members.

Meeting are held in Peirce Hall. Please see the list below for the specific location:

  • Sept. 14: Chadeayne Dining Room
  • Oct. 12: Peirce Lounge
  • Nov. 2: Leach Dining Room
  • Dec. 7: Chadeayne Dining Room
  • Jan. 18: Chadeayne Dining Room
  • Feb. 8: Leach Dining Room
  • March 21: Leach Dining Room
  • April 11: Leach Dining Room
  • May 2: Leach Dining Room