Welcome to Owl Be Outside — we’re so excited to have you join us! Owl Be Outside is a new incentive to boost wellness by enjoying outdoor activities. The program is not a competition; just submit any activities that you take part in to be eligible for monthly prize drawings.

About the Program

Students can earn points for attending certain events hosted by Kenyon departments. They can also earn points for doing outdoor activities on their own. The highlighted events will be communicated in monthly emails to participants.

Each student keeps track of their own points on a provided Google sheet, and reminders are sent out via email. Students can join at any time throughout the year. 

The program officially begins on Friday, Sept. 1.

Points and Prizes

Students do not have to reach a certain amount of points to be eligible for monthly prizes. They do have to submit points or monthly forms to be eligible for monthly prizes. All students who complete the monthly point reports will be put into a drawing for the monthly prize. 

This is not about spending more time outdoors than others. It is about trying to reap the rewards of more time outdoors for yourself!

Monthly prizes may include hydroflasks, sunglasses, etc.

Students only need to sign up once to get the monthly emails, and the points report will be sent out monthly as well.

Questions? Contact wellness@kenyon.edu.

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