Knowing the costs associated with a Kenyon education can help students and families from all income levels plan ahead and find appropriate financial support.

The mandatory fees for a student attending Kenyon in 2024-25 total $87,160. Because all Kenyon students live on campus, housing and food are not optional expenses. There are variables that can alter the cost of going to Kenyon, such as different room charges for other housing options. More about fees and charges.

Estimated Cost of Attendance, 2024-25

The Cost of Attendance is an estimate of expenses while you are enrolled at Kenyon and includes mandatory fees and charges like tuition, housing, and food, as well as indirect costs like books, transportation, and personal and miscellaneous expenses. These expenses determine the amount of financial aid that can be provided and are used to measure financial need. 

Mandatory Fees & Charges First  Semester    Second Semester    2024-25 Total  
Tuition $35,598 $35,598 $71,196
Board $4,520 $4,520 $9,040
Student Activities Fee $162 $162 $324
Housing (room double rate) $3,300 $3,300 $6,600
Total Billed Mandatory Charges  $43,580  $43,580 $87,160

Indirect costs are not part of mandatory charges that appear on billing statements and vary based on the individual student. These costs include books, personal expenses, miscellaneous expenses and transportation.

Students may experience different levels of indirect costs; however, the values listed represent allowances provided for the academic year when determining eligibility for financial aid. Note that Kenyon need-based aid is not adjusted based on differences in actual housing costs or health insurance.

 Indirect Costs First  Semester  Second Semester  2024-25 Total
Books/Personal $950 $950 $1,900
Transportation and Miscellaneous* $975 $975 $1,950
Total Indirect Costs  $1,925  $1,925  $3,850

Books/Personal expenses include the average cost of books plus a standard allowance for estimated costs incurred on personal expenses during the academic year including clothing, laundry, toiletries and other incidentals. The allowance can serve as a planning tool to help students determine how much money to have available for these expenses.

Transportation includes a modest allowance for travel to and from Kenyon. Students are responsible for all aspects of booking and paying for their own travel. 

Miscellaneous expenses include incidental education costs that are not billed as well as the average federal loan fees that students who borrow typically incur.

 Total Cost of Attendance First  Semester  Second Semester  2024-25 Total
Billed Mandatory Charges for tuition, fees, food and housing (see above) $43,580 $43,580 $87,160
Indirect Costs  (see above) $1,925 $1,925 $3,850
Total Cost of Attendance (excludes health insurance)**  $45,505  $45,505  $91,010

* Students enrolling in the Kenyon student health insurance plan should add $2,500 (estimated) to the cost of attendance.