I = Institutions & Change
C = Culture & Identity
T = Theory
M = Methods

Course Number Course Name Primary
SOCY 220 Social Problems I
SOCY 221 Religion in Modern Society C or I
SOCY 222 Economy and Society I
SOCY 223 Wealth and Power I
SOCY 224 Health and Illness I
SOCY 225 Notions of Family C or I
SOCY 226 Sociology of Law I
SOCY 229 Social Movements I
SOCY 231 Issues of Gender and Power I
SOCY 232 Sexual Harassment I
SOCY 233 Sociology of Food I or C
SOCY 234 Community I
SOCY 235 Transnational Social Movements I
SOCY 237 Borders and Border Crossings I
SOCY 238 Environmental Sociology
SOCY 240 Sociology of Crime and Deviance C
SOCY 241 Sociology of Gender C or I
SOCY 242 Science and Society C
SOCY 243 Ethics and Social Justice C or I
SOCY 244 Race, Ethnicity and American  Law C or I
SOCY 245 Cultural Sociology C
SOCY 246 American Folk Music C
SOCY 249 Knowledge of the Other C
SOCY 250 Systems of Stratification I
SOCY 251 Social Change, Dictatorship and Democracy I
SOCY 255 Women, Crime and the Law C or I
SOCY 262 Linking Classical Tradition to Comp. Theory T
SOCY 271 Methods of Social Research M
SOCY 361 Classical Theory T
SOCY 362 Contemporary Theory T
SOCY 372 Quantitative Methods M
SOCY 373 Qualitative Methods M
SOCY 374 ST: Comparative-Historical Models M
SOCY 421 Gender Stratification C or I
SOCY 422 Topics in Social Stratification C or I
SOCY 424 Vigilantism and the Law I
SOCY 425 Gender and the Welfare State I
SOCY 426 Civil Society and Social Theory T or I
SOCY 440 Blackface and the American Minstrel Show C
SOCY 450 French Social Theory T
SOCY 461 German Social Theory T
SOCY 463 Intersectional Theory C or T
SOCY 465 Sociology of Knowledge C or T
SOCY 466 Politics of Identity Formation C or I
SOCY 477-478 Fieldwork: Rural Life M