Studying Sociology at Kenyon

Kenyon’s sociology faculty bring expertise in a wide range of fields, including American folklore, legal issues, race, culture, gender, globalization, health, social movements and the intellectual roots of Western social thought. From these areas of expertise, faculty teach students to analyze social patterns, social action and social change. This preparation leads students to success in a wide variety of careers, including education, research, social work, law, non-profit work, social activism, business, politics and graduate studies.

The Senior Capstone

It's a culmination. It's a leap to a new level of mastery. It's a chance to take everything you've learned and apply it to a project that really compels you. Here's a sampling of recent Senior Capstone presentations in sociology.

The Spontaneous Conversations of SOC(YAK)

These impromptu conversations after class are pure. Like going north on Saturday night, chatting after class with the professor is a spontaneous enjoyment. You don't know what is going to happen next, yet you're not nervous. Oftentimes, you end up leaving with a core memory.

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