It's a culmination. It's a leap to a new level of mastery. It's a chance to take everything you've learned and apply it to a project that really compels you. Here's a sampling of recent Senior Capstone presentations in sociology.

Action, Ideas and Social Change

  • Rethinking Gender and Change
  • Women Plugged In: How Advertisements for Electrification Cemented the Women’s Role in the Home
  • Prioritizing Pleasure: Changing the Narrative of Sexual Relationships
  • Symbolic Interationism Online and the Making of Transgender Identity

Social Theory and Social Change

  • Analyzing Charismatic Leadership of Visionary Entrepreneurs: Elon Musk, Elizabeth Holmes, and Their Power as Visionaries
  • A Theoretical Synthesis of Duboisian and Durkheimian Traditions
  • After the Eclipse: Max Horkheimer, Now Social Movement Theory, and #BlackLivesMatter

Movements in Latin America

  • More than Just a Memorial: Using Sites of Memory in Chile to Challenge Dictatorial Norms
  • A Culture of Death: Grievance Construction and Collective Identity in the Contemporary Argentine Anti-Abortion Movement
  • Sounds of Resistance: Community Radio and Counter-Hegemony in the Midwestern United States and Argentine Patagonia

Society and Identity in Construction

  • The Social Construction of Place
  • Environmental Problems Are Social Problems
  • Disney World: The American Dream or the American Reality?
  • Collective Consciousness and the Creative Class: the Cultural Economics of Chicago’s Black Neighborhoods

(Re)making Identity

  • Understanding the Self: A Theoretical Analysis of Perspectives from Four Afrikaner Students at Stellenbosch University
  • Institutional Labeling and Vocational Stratification: Life After Incarceration

Inequalities, Medicine and Health

  • Patient-Provider Interaction and its Impact on WOC’s Relationship with Medicalization
  • Uncovering Status through Cardiovascular Health in Knox County

Social Outcomes of Policies and Interventions

  • Educational Success for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Differing State Policies Affect the Well-Being Outcomes of Youth in the Foster Care System