Studying Political Science at Kenyon

With a firm grounding in political philosophy, Kenyon’s political science department seeks to understand how political decisions affect people’s lives. Students and faculty join in a small and vibrant intellectual community that debates current events and the most profound, enduring issues of public life.

Political science courses combine ancient and modern political philosophy with analyses of American politics, comparative politics and international relations. In small seminars, students learn to understand contemporary issues, shape arguments and understand their consequences, guided by widely published faculty who are experts in their fields.

I take enjoyment from it being a discussion, a learning environment where we all learn together. It’s not put on the table for us to eat. We all kind of make the dish and eat it together.

Matt Williamson ’18 Speaking about “Quest for Justice”

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Sparking Conversation

The Center for the Study of American Democracy (CSAD) brings together our voices in debate, stimulating nonpartisan civic and political discourse.

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