Studying Neuroscience at Kenyon

As the most rapidly developing interdisciplinary area in the sciences, neuroscience integrates biology, chemistry and psychology to understand animal and human behavior. Working with faculty experts across the sciences, neuroscience students prepare for graduate training or research occupations in neuroscience, neurochemistry, neurobiology, anatomy, physiology, physiological psychology, clinical psychology, behavioral science and the health sciences.

  • Shaping Scientists

    Kenyon ranks eighth in the country (and ahead of every Ivy) for the proportion of STEM grads to earn a doctorate in a STEM field.

  • 75students a year pursue College-funded research projects in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

  • Futures in Medicine

    More than 90 percent of Kenyon applicants with solid grades and test scores are accepted to medical school. Learn more about premed advising.

  • $1Mgrant from the the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

    The grant is one of several that Kenyon scientists have earned to foster a more inclusive and diverse scientific community.

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