It's easy to see why Kenyon graduates are accepted into the finest medical, dental and veterinary schools in the country:

Rigorous Coursework

They have taken rigorous academic coursework and have an incredible network of faculty who support them through the admission process. In recent years, our graduates have gained admission into Harvard, Dartmouth, Penn, the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins and many more.

Liberal Arts Background

Students can major in any field of study at Kenyon to prepare for medical school or advanced degree programs for other health professions. A liberal arts degree that helps students develop strong communication, logical-thinking, and decision-making skills often provides an advantage in the application process and in professional practice.

Dedicated Preprofessional and Faculty Advisors

Kenyon employs a preprofessional advisor who helps students with all aspects of pre-health study, from undergraduate course planning to completing professional school applications. Composed of Kenyon faculty members with a special interest in pre-health training, Kenyon’s Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC) provides students with personalized academic advising during their undergraduate training and supports students with a composite recommendation letter during the application process. With 15 to 20 students applying to medical, dental and veterinary school each year, Kenyon's professors and the preprofessional advisor can give each student individual attention, advice and support.

Premedical and pre-health advising is not limited to medical, dental, and veterinary school preparation. Students who are interested in advanced study in nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, optometry and many other health fields also work with the preprofessional advisor on a one-on-one basis to plan their course of study and complete the application process.