The English department offers an exciting array of small, seminar-style classes, each focused upon a compelling theme, to introduce students to the study of literature. First-year students will find that the reading, thinking, and writing skills taught through close instruction in these intensive introductory English courses will serve them well in many different disciplines throughout their college careers.

We encourage all entering students to consider enrolling in ENGL 103 (fall) or ENGL 104 (spring) their first year.

Each section of ENGL 103 and ENGL 104 is writing-intensive and discussion-centered. Each will introduce students to texts from a range of historical periods and to genres including the epic, the novel, drama, lyric poetry, film, and the short story. Here is the list of courses available fall 2022 (see below for full descriptions and scheduling information):

  • ENGL 103.01: Translation, Transition, Transcreation (Brostoff)
  • ENGL 103.02: Science, Fiction, and Science Fiction (Brown)
  • ENGL 103.03: Literature of Protest (Casey)
  • ENGL 103.04: Literature of Protest (Casey)
  • ENGL 103.05: The Writer in the Text (Davidson)
  • ENGL 103.06: The Assault of Laughter (Grace)
  • ENGL 103.07: Bodily Matters (Lau)
  • ENGL 103.08: Writing the Mind (Matz)
  • ENGL 103.09: Writing the Mind (Matz)
  • ENGL 103.10: Literary Locations (Murthy)
  • ENGL 103.11: Authorship (Suazo)
  • ENGL 103.12: Quests and Adventures (Yoon)
  • ENGL 103.13: Quests and Adventures (Yoon)
  • ENGL 103.14: Building Relationships (García)
  • ENGL 103.15: Idleness and Insubordination (Crim)
  • ENGL 103.16: Idleness and Insubordination (Crim)
  • ENGL 103.17: Monstrous Forms (Fleming)
  • ENGL 103.18: Monstrous Forms (Fleming)
  • ENGL 103.19: Imagining Better Worlds in American Literature (Thompson)

Students may proceed to the 200-level after taking ENGL 103 (or ENGL 104). Pre-med students should be sure to enroll in ENGL 103 or ENGL 104 in their first or second year, since these courses are typically not open to juniors and seniors. Students who intend to complete their humanities distribution requirement in English during their first year of study may do so by taking two courses at the 100 level or one course each at the 100 and 200 levels. Potential English majors should take a 100-level course (required for the major) right away. Students hoping to take ENGL 103 or ENGL 104 should list two alternates along with their first choice on their enrollment forms. Spring-semester creative-writing courses are open to first-year students (see "Creative Writing Courses" below).

Students who wish to begin or to continue study in English at the 100-level in spring 2023 may choose to enroll in one of the following sections of ENGL 104: 

  • ENGL 104.01: The Writer in the Text (Davidson)
  • ENGL 104.02: Making a Life (Heidt)
  • ENGL 104.03: Bodily Matters (Lau)
  • ENGL 104.04: Seductions (Lobanov-Rostovsky)
  • ENGL 104.06: Waste Lands (Tierney)

200-Level Courses

Students exploring English as a possible major should consider enrolling in one of the intermediate-level courses designated ENGL 210-299 as soon as they have completed ENGL 103 or ENGL 104. 200-level English courses are small, discussion-centered and writing-intensive literature classes that may focus on particular formal or generic studies, on individual historical periods and national traditions, or on specific critical problems. Future English majors are especially advised to consider enrolling in ENGL 213: Texting: Reading Like an English Major, which will introduce them to key skills, methods, and critical approaches in the study of literature.

200-level courses offered in spring 2023: 

  • ENGL 211: Theory & Practices of Life Writing (Heidt)
  • ENGL 212: Introduction to Literary Theory (Brostoff)
  • ENGL 213.01: Texting: Reading like and English Major (Matz)
  • ENGL 213.02: Texting: Reading like and English Major (Yoon)
  • ENGL 215: Prosody and Poetics (Tierney)
  • ENGL 221: Introduction to Old English (Kessler)
  • ENGL 232: Renaissance Poetry (Davidson)
  • ENGL 240: Early 18th Century Literature (Lau)
  • ENGL 260: Modernism (Matz)
  • ENGL 267: Literature, Medicine, and Culture (Lau)
  • ENGL 288: African-American Literature (Suazo)
  • ENGL 291.01: Early British Literature (Brown)
  • ENGL 291.02: Animal Minds (Iyer)
  • ENGL 291.03: Children's Literature (Yoon)
  • ENGL 291.04: 20th Century African-American Fiction (Mason)
  • ENGL 291.05: Latinx Literature (Casey)

Creative Writing Courses

Since 2018-2019, unless otherwise directed by a specific course description or by communication from the English department, students will no longer need to submit applications for 200-level creative writing courses, including ENGL 200 Introduction to Fiction Writing, ENGL 201 Introduction to Poetry Writing, ENGL 202 Creative Nonficition Workshop, ENGL 204 Writing Fiction, Nonfiction, and Other Narrative Forms, and ENGL 205 Creative Writing: A Multi-Genre Workshop. Students are eligible to register for 200-level courses beginning in the spring semester of their first year and should enroll in only one 200-level creative writing course at a time. A number of seats will be reserved for students in each class year (i.e., sophomore, juniors, and seniors in the fall, and all four class years in the spring). Students unable to register for an introductory creative writing course should contact the department chair.