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Eta Sigma Phi is a national classics honors society for students of Latin and/or Greek. The organization strives to promote an interest in and understanding of classical cultures and languages at the collegiate level. An invitation to join is an academic honor based on performance in an intermediate or advanced classical language course.

The Theta Pi chapter was established at Kenyon College in 2007. Since then, the organization has undertaken a broad range of initiatives to engage the college. In past years we have held readings of Vergil's "Aeneid" and other classical works, along with a weekly gathering over lunch to share in classical camaraderie. Community events have also been held to commemorate historical landmarks in the Greco-Roman world, such as the Battle of Marathon.

We plan to extend our sphere of influence beyond Kenyon. Members will be offering free weekly Latin tutoring sessions to local high school students in an attempt to foster a love for Classics at the secondary level. We have also reached out to chapters at neighboring institutions in hopes of uniting classical scholars within the region.