Studying the ancient world from abroad offers many benefits to students, both academically and personally. It can be a transformative experience. A direct encounter with the physical remains of ancient Greece and Rome presents students with vital evidence for the reconstruction of the classical world and provides a most illuminating context in which to study Greek and Latin authors and texts.

Two kinds of programs are available for students of the classics. First, organizations such as College Year in Athens and the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, offer American-style instruction in Greece and Italy. Students in these programs study the ancient world side-by-side with students from other American institutions. Secondly, there are programs, such as  Arcadia Abroad, that serve as intermediaries, placing students in universities abroad. In such programs, Kenyon students live among and take classes with native students. Recently, classics majors have studied in universities located in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, and Lithuania.

Students interested in off-campus study are encouraged to gather information about the programs available as early as possible in their academic careers and to discuss their plans with staff in the Center for Global Engagement and departmental faculty. Classics majors and minors who have studied abroad in the recent past can also serve as a useful resource. Please note that while enrolled in a program in a non-English-speaking country, students must take a language course in the primary modern language of that country.

Off-Campus Study in the Classics Department

Kenyon students and faculty from the department share their off-campus study experiences.