Kenyon’s Program in American Studies offers an Education Studies track within the major, offering a focused insight into the history, development, and practice of American education.

The interdisciplinary curricular option takes advantage of existing courses and includes a new course, Theory and Practice of Urban Education, which features field work in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. That course and 10 others at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels comprise the new curricular track.

Education Studies: A New Track in American Studies 6.25 units

Basic Courses (2 units)

1. Intro to American Studies (108)
2. American History 1 (Hist 101/Amst101)
3. American History 2 (Hist 102/Amst102)
4. Identity in American Society (Socy 104)

Intermediate Courses A: (1.5 units)

1. Educational Psychology (Psych 324)(psych 101 prereq)
2. Economics of Education (Econ 382) (econ 101 prereq)
3. Pragmatism (Phil 220)

Intermediate Courses B: Choose three of the following(1.5 units)

1. Directed Teaching (Dance 291.01)
2. American Collegiate Architecture (Amst 314)
3. Adolescent Psychology (Psych 323)
4. Child Development (Psych 323)
5. Psychology in Context (Psych 350)
6. Adult Development (Psych 322)
7. Sociology of Knowledge (Socy 465)

Advanced Courses (1.25 units)

1. Theory and Practice of Urban Education (Amst 330)
2. Senior Seminar in American Studies (Amst 381)