The Major

American studies is a selective major requiring intellectual independence that includes developing a six-course plan detailing the trajectory of your course of study in your major. Requirements for the major are outlined in the academic course catalog.

The Concentration

Requirements for the American studies concentration are outlined in the course catalog. Students who are considering the concentration should consult with the director of American Studies before enrolling in classes.

Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone in American studies must draw on the elective-study component of the major, identifying and then developing, through original research and creative presentation, a major theme that the student has identified as central to his or her work in American studies. The Senior Capstone is outlined in the course catalog.

Honors in American studies entails two-semesters of independent work integral to the elective-study program in the major, taken during the senior year. More information is provided in the course catalog.

Education Studies Track

American studies offers an education studies track within the major, offering a focused insight into the history, development and practice of American education.