Kenyon offers funds to offset necessary expenses — such as food, travel, lodging or professional attire — in order to allow students to complete unpaid or underpaid internships. 

How to Apply

Students apply through Handshake. There is one application for all internship funds. Students will be automatically considered for all funds for which they are eligible.

Eligibility for All Funds

All applications for these funds must meet the following criteria in order to be considered. Some of the funds described below also contain additional eligibility criteria.

  • Applicants must have direct deposit set up through Kenyon College.
  • Applicants may only receive funding a maximum of two summers.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled at Kenyon College and returning the fall semester (including approved off-campus programs).
  • Applicants must have confirmed an unpaid or underpaid* summer internship(s) that requires a minimum of 240 hours of work over the summer period. Note: applicants may work two unpaid internships that combine to fulfill this requirement.

  • Internships arranged through third-party providers that require mandatory contributions, donations, or fees to pay for programming, housing or administrative costs are not eligible for summer internship funding.

  • Confirmed internship(s) cannot be with a political campaign for a candidate for public office. Further, internships must not be with an organization that has a purpose of or that requires the student as a function of his or her internship to participate or intervene, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.

  • Internships associated with participation in an off-campus study (OCS) program are not eligible for funding.
  • Internship supervisor cannot be a relative, friend, or employee of Kenyon College. For summer research funding at Kenyon, please see Student Research at Kenyon College.
  • Internship supervisor must be a full time professional employee with at least 2 years of professional experience.
  • See each fund for additional criteria.

  • All recipients of internship funding will be required to complete a short reflective paper or thank you letter to the fund's donor upon completion of the internship.

*Internships are considered underpaid if total compensation is less than the funding you are eligible to receive through a Summer Internship Funds (see application page for funding tiers).

International Students 

If you are an international student interested in applying for funds, please contact a member of the Center for Global Engagement staff to discuss work authorization.

International Travel Alerts & Advisories

Applicants are encouraged to pursue internships outside of their home countries, however, Kenyon does not support, fund, or sponsor student internships in countries that are on the Travel Advisory List levels 3 and 4 or the OFAC Sanctions list. Exceptions will be made if a country is listed as "Reconsider Travel" (level 3) or "Do Not Travel" (level 4) due to Covid-19 concerns only. It is the responsibility of the applicant to review travel warnings and OFAC sanctions prior to applying for an internship outside of the United States. Funding may be rescinded if a country is placed on either of these lists after the application has been approved. 

Fund Descriptions & Criteria

The Kenyon Summer Internship Stipend provides students who qualify for need-based financial aid with the opportunity to accept unpaid internships. The fund will be used to assist a small number of students with necessary living expenses to complete an internship.

• Must be eligible to receive need-based financial aid

• Confirmation of hire for an unpaid internship working a minimum of 240 hours

• Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

• Be in good standing during the semesters preceding your internship. Good standing means 1. you have no pending academic or judicial proceedings, 2. you have not engaged in conduct for which the College would initiate academic or judicial proceeding.

• After completing the internship, all recipients of the internship stipend are required to complete a reflection project to be shared with the campus community. Examples may include posters, PowerPoints, digital stories, etc. 

Established in 2007 by Larae Bush Schraeder '97 and her husband Jeffrey Schraeder in honor of Larae's grandparents, Calvin and Lenice Waugh. Calvin's personal sacrifices as a disabled World War II veteran and coal miner, and Lenice's service as a devoted caregiver inspired their daughters and granddaughters to pursue the educational opportunities they did not have in rural Ohio. 

• Must be eligible to receive need-based financial aid

Established in 2016, the DKE Internship Fund will honor the contributions of the DKE chapter and DKE alumni to the vibrant student life at Kenyon College.

• Active member of Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity

• Preference will be given to a rising senior

Goode Internship Fund for the Career Development Office. Supports a student participating in an internship or high-impact experience.

• No additional eligibility criteria

Established in 2013 with gifts from Trice Koopman '77 P'11, Francis M. Osborne IV '76 and Joshua T. Radnor '96 in honor of the late professor of drama Harlene Marley, from 1969 until her retirement in 2004, and her leadership in the development of playwriting at Kenyon College. 

• Internship must be in the performing arts, with a preference for internships in the theater, with additional preference for internships involving playwriting and/or directing.

IIF has worked with Kenyon to apply its contribution in a way that would be a suitable memorial to Bob Gibbons. Kenyon suggested that it be applied to support internships for students working with companies offering real-world experience, that allowed them to apply their academic skills and experience concrete applications. These will be focused on Bob’s primary interests — economic development, professional development and efficient markets. One example is an economics student seeking to apply developing financial principles, data analysis and critical thinking skills in finance.

Another is a combined mathematics and English major seeking experience useful in her aspiration for a career in information technology combined with effective communication.

This program will carry on Bob’s professional focus on education, research and application in business and governmental settings.

• Internships must have a focus on economic development, professional development or efficient markets

Established in 2021 by Katie and Stan Humphries, income from the fund supports high-impact student experiences of various types, including but not limited to internships, research opportunities and community-based learning. 

• No additional eligibility criteria

Established in 2017 by William A. Kozy '74. Income from the fund provides internship stipend support to students in good academic standing who demonstrate financial need and meet the requirements of the internship stipend fund of the College.

• Must meet same criteria as Summer Internship Stipend Fund

Established in 2020 by Adrianne Curtner Kimber '99 and Sheldon A. Kimber '99. Income from the fund supports high-impact student experiences of various types, including but not limited to internships, off-campus study, research, and community-based learning.

• No additional eligibility criteria

Established in 2020 by Cynthia Patterson, grandparent Class of 2022. Income from the Fund provides support for students participating in internship or research experiences, with a preference for STEM students who identify as women.

• No additional eligibility criteria

Established in 2007 by Daniel M. Voorhees '95 and Christopher Dorobek in honor of P. F. Kluge of the Class 1964. Income from the P. F. Kluge Collegian Fund supports summer internships and special projects of the Kenyon Collegian.

• Recipients must be current members of the Kenyon Collegian staff. 

Established with a gift from Christopher P. Toft '89 and Nicole Dunn Toft '92, the fund honors the late Scott A. Layson, innovative director of Kenyon's Career Development Office and a champion of the value of student internships. 

• No additional eligibility criteria

Established in 2019 by Katherine T. Stautberg '87 P'23 and Timothy E. Stautberg '85 P'23. 

• No additional eligibility criteria

Established in 2020 by Paul and Lisa Tomasi P2017 and 2023. Income from the Fund provides support for students participating in summer research or internship experiences, with a preference for students studying the visual and creative arts.

• No additional eligibility criteria

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