Leaders in the higher education and public health communities and members of the presidential search committee share their thoughts about Kenyon's incoming president, Julie Kornfeld.

"Julie Kornfeld is a brilliant epidemiologist, educator and administrator who has served the Columbia community with great skill and judgment over the last seven years. On behalf of the entire university, I offer my gratitude and congratulations as she takes on this exciting new role as president of Kenyon College."

Lee C. Bollinger
President, Columbia University

Wafaa El-Sadr, university professor of epidemiology and executive vice president of Columbia Global

"Kenyon has picked a true gem. Julie is a firm believer in the importance of being engaged global citizens. Distilling in students the willingness and ability to listen, observe and share with others from around the world has been central to her work throughout her career. "

Lisa Rosen-Metsch, professor of sociomedical sciences and dean of the Columbia School of General Studies

"I have watched in awe of Julie over the years as she has an exceptional ability to create rich intellectual environments where all voices are heard, people feel valued, and the conditions are in place for everyone to flourish."

Kidd Solomon, former Mailman student and assistant vice president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation 

"Dr. Julie Kornfeld is the embodiment of ingenuity, compassion and vision. Not only is she passionate about bringing lasting, equitable and transformative change, but she is a person who understands the power of genuine connection and curiosity." 

"Julie has removed barriers, built bridges and forged new paths for research, study and real-world impact. She is particularly attuned to the ways in which a liberal arts education equips students to address complex societal issues."

Aileen C. Hefferren ’88 H’12
Trustee, search committee chair

Ubongabasi Asuquo ’23, search committee member

"Dr. Kornfeld's passion as a teacher and a mentor are always front and center. She’s particularly invested in supporting student success both in and out of the classroom. As the health and wellness of students, faculty and staff continue to be an area of attention in higher education, her expertise in public health practices will be a benefit to Kenyon as we strive to build the healthiest community that we can."

Erika Farfan, associate vice president for institutional research and search committee member

"Julie Kornfeld combines knowledge and experience leading a nationally recognized undergraduate liberal arts program at Columbia with a career-long focus on the power of education to create change in ourselves and our communities. Like Kenyon’s students, faculty, staff and alumni, she is astute, thoughtful and value-driven while pursuing excellence with warmth and high regard for community."

Chris Gillen, professor of biology and search committee member

"Across her career, Julie Kornfeld has forged connections, establishing innovative interdisciplinary initiatives, building global partnerships, and linking learning and research to the world beyond the classroom. She is exceptionally well prepared to guide Kenyon as we take the next steps towards bolstering our distinctive strengths and innovating with intentionality.

"We have every confidence that Julie Kornfeld's experience will equip her to navigate the complex issues facing higher education, and that her intelligence, openness and energy will enable her to tap into and champion the many strengths of the Kenyon community."  

Brackett B. Denniston III ’69
Board of Trustees, chair

Meet Julie Kornfeld

Julie Kornfeld is a champion of interdisciplinary collaboration, curricular innovation and cross-cutting institutional partnerships. Learn more about Kenyon's 20th president.