The tool SensusAccess can help convert documents into accessible formats.

Learning Ally: available by contacting SASS and obtaining a login to access audio books

Read&Write text help: for Google Chrome, Google Docs and files

Hathi Trust Digital Library: Kenyon is a partner institution; Login to access millions of titles and build a personal collection, browse and read.    

Bookshare: e-books for people with reading barriers

Project Gutenberg: 60,000 free e-books


Livescribe Pen

Evernote: organize notes, to do lists and prioritize ideas

Notability (iOS): organize notes and capture ideas

Cornell or Two Column Notes

Math Player: Universal math reader Math Support Finder: helps identify the right combination of tools to read math accessibly

MathML Cloud: open source tool to create math content accessible to all readers

MathType: add-on for Word 2010, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Mac Office


Voiceover: Macintosh

Baldridge Reading Program (offered fall semester)

Assistive Technology for Remote Learning

Make sure all of the devices you may need to use are able to access necessary resources like Zoom, Google Meet, Moodle and others.

Not everyone can afford high speed internet connectivity, and your connectivity can be interrupted or degraded during high usage demands. Let your professor know if you have low bandwidth at the beginning of your course.

To combat high bandwidth use (especially for video and audio conferences), you can try closing all other programs, switch to audio only, mute your microphone if you are not speaking or switch to chat.

Transcribing and Recording Lectures

Transcribing lectures and creating audio recordings should be done with the permission of the instructor. Review the SASS Recorded Lecture Policy.

Transcripts for Google Meet

  1. Install Tactiq Chrome Extension (free).
  2. Join the Google Meet page.
  3. Switch on live captions by selecting the “CC” button at the bottom of the page.
  4. The transcript will appear in a popup window.
  5. When the meeting is over click in the extension window to save the transcript to the Google Doc.

Transcripts for Zoom

Only the host can enable recording and give a participant recording privileges, and only individuals with a Business, Education, or Enterprise license with cloud recording privileges can obtain the audio transcript.

Transcripts for Google Live Transcribe

  1. Install Google Live Transcribe from the Google Play Store.
  2. Turn on feature to save history (can only save for three days).
  3. Select text and copy and paste into your own document.

Audio Recording Tools