What is a graduation requirement review?

  1. A review of both collegiate and major requirements.
  2. A confirmation of what requirements you have completed and still need to complete.
  3. The opportunity to meet with valuable resources (advisor, department chair and the Registrar’s Office) to get advice and create a plan.

If you do not complete the Graduation Requirement Review Form and return it by the specified time, your registration will not be processed with your class for the fall semester, and a hold will be placed on your registration.

Steps to complete the Graduation Requirement Review:

  1. Generate a new degree evaluation on your Personal Access Pages. Use this to complete the form in step #2.
  2. Fill out and print the Graduation Requirement Review Form (PDF). Be sure you include a plan to complete all outstanding requirements in your remaining semester(s). List all courses taken and those you intend to take, to satisfy your requirements. You must complete a form for each major.
    (AMST, ENVS, HIST, INST, MLL [track III] and WGS) If you are one of the majors listed, you MUST have a completed/updated Required Major Areas form submitted and approved BEFORE you can meet with Phaedra Woodard. You will receive an email once it has been entered.
  3. Meet with your faculty advisor to review all degree requirements as shown on your degree evaluation and Graduation Requirement Review Form and obtain their signature. Email is acceptable as long as it is printed and attached to your form and states specifically that they have reviewed your GRR and approved it. Emails forwarded to me will be deleted. 
  4. You will need to make an appointment to meet with Phaedra Woodard to review your signed, completed form. 

    Appointment slots are available through the Google calendar.

Phone Number
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