The Banner web searchable schedule indicates enrollment limits status; this includes wait list information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wait Listing in Banner

How do I request wait listing for my class?

If you choose to have Banner collect student names for your wait list, you will need to fill out a Google wait list form for each course. The form can also be found by going to the Registrar's Office webpage then clicking on "Faculty Forms." We will not create wait lists for courses with reserved seats.

Does the instructor need to add PI to control the use of the wait list?

No. The wait list itself acts as permission of instructor. During the processing of Plan Ahead and open registration once the enrollment reaches the limit and students begin to be added to the wait list, no other students can add the course and only be added to the wait list. After the open registration has ended for all students anyone attempting to add the course with a course change request form will be informed of the wait list and offered a chance to be added to the wait list.

How will students learn about wait listing?

The schedule of courses by department will have a column that indicates which courses are enabled for wait listing. When one of these wait list enabled courses reaches the enrollment limit, the next student who attempts to add the course will be informed that the course enrollment is filled and will be asked whether they would like to wait list. If a students says yes, their name will be added to the list.

Can a student wait list for more than one section of a multi-section course?

They cannot. Allowing this will allow students to register for two sections of the same course. The system requires a student to choose a section.

Can a student wait list for a course at the same time period as a course they have enrolled in?

Yes, they can wait list for a course that meets at the same time as a course for which they are registered.

How does an instructor view their wait list?

Instructors of wait list enabled courses will be able to see the wait lists by logging in to your personal access pages, then choosing Faculty and Advisor, choosing Summary Wait List and then select the correct term from the drop down box.  

We encourage instructors to email the entire group of students to inform them of how to be considered for the course, for example, they must attend the first class meeting and that failing to do so will mean giving up their seat on the wait list.

The Registrar's Office asks that instructors not keep a separate wait list for wait list enabled courses. Once the drop/add period begins when students contact you to be added to the wait list, they can come to the Registrar's Office and we will add students to the list.

When you want to let a student on the wait list register for your class, the best way to do so is to email the student clearly stating that you are giving them a seat in the class and to bring the email to the Registrar's Office to be registered. It's highly recommend to give students a time frame to do this so you can know whether or not to invite the next person on the wait list.

An example wording for that email:

Dear X
A seat has opened in course number-section and CRN. I am offering you a seat in the course. However, you must take this email to the Registrar's Office within XX amount of time to be registered for the course.

What if you have more questions?

As always, call or stop by the Registrar's Office. We will be happy to chat about specifics and answer questions.