Web Registration Override Form (only for PI courses): Use this form to request overrides be added for students for permission of instructor courses. If the request is not for a course PI, we will not enter the overrides.

For Individual Overrides

Please sign into Personal Access Pages to enter overrides for students.

  1. Choose the Faculty and Advisor Menu.
    1. Choose the term code for which you are granting overrides in the Registration Term.
    2. Search for the student either by name or by ID number (this is case sensitive). Choose the student.
  2. Choose Registration Overrides.
  3. Click submit.
  4. The Registration Override screen lists the student’s name at the top and three rows for overrides. Select an override from the list:

    ALL  All but time conflict
    CAP  Capacity only
    CLS  Class restriction
    CORQ  Corequisite only
    FOS  Field of study only (major)
    PERM  Permission of instructor courses
    PRQ  Prerequisite only

  5. The second column will list the courses for which you are the PRIMARY instructor. Select the appropriate course.
  6. Submit.
  7. The next screen will show the summary of the overrides you entered. Click Submit to save these.
  8. To add an override for another student, choose Faculty Services > Student Information Menu > ID Selection. Search for the next student. Then click on Faculty Services (tab) and choose Registration Overrides.

Note: Below the override entry section, you will see listed any other overrides the student has been granted. If registration has already occurred, you will see the total credit and the specific courses for which the student is registered.

To enter overrides for another student from this screen, scroll to the bottom of the screen, click on ID Selection. You will search for another student. Once you have the correct student, click submit. This should return you to the Faculty Services tab. Choose term selection, choose the term and submit. Choose Registration overrides and repeat as listed above.