The Kenyon College Ombuds Office Services Charter details the ombuds policies and practices.   Visitors to the office can expect the following rights and responsibilities to be honored.

Visitor Rights & Responsibilities

  • All students, staff and faculty have the right to consult with the ombudsperson without reprisal.
  • Ombuds services are voluntary. You have the right at any time to not participate, discontinue services, or choose what actions you will or will not take.
  • The ombuds will receive express consent from you before taking any action on your behalf.
  • All communication with the ombuds is considered “off the record” and confidential.  The only exceptions to this confidentiality is if the ombuds becomes aware felony criminal activity, child abuse or an imminent risk of harm, she may have to disclose this communication with the appropriate authorities.  The ombuds will notify you if she must make such a disclosure.
  • There will be no record kept of your visit except general, non-identifying statistical data that is shared in the ombuds’ annual report to the college president.
  • You may meet the ombuds at her office or another location, on or off-campus.

Ombuds Rights & Responsibilities

  • The ombuds remains unaligned with any campus administrative office and reports to the President’s Office for administrative and budget purposes only.
  • The ombuds operates independently of ordinary staff structures.
  • The ombuds exercises sole discretion over whether and how to act regarding matters.
  • The ombuds will not participate in any internal formal investigation or process.
  • The ombuds will not serve as an advocate for any party in a dispute.