1. What is the procedure for proposing a new minor?

A minor consists of a minimum of 2 units and a maximum of 3.5 units. A minimum of 2 units must be from within the discipline itself. A department wishing to propose a minor should submit to CPC a rationale for the minor and a list of all requirements for the minor. The department's rationale should address how this proposed minor would impact department resources, such as anticipated changes in the frequency of course offerings and expected changes in enrollment patterns.

2. What is the procedure for proposing a new interdisciplinary concentration?

Link to: Guidelines for the Approval of a New Concentration

3. What is the procedure for proposing a new major?

Link to: Kenyon College Guidelines for the Approval of New Majors

4. What is the procedure for proposing a joint major?

Joint Major (Optional): The Joint Major combines an interdisciplinary program with a major from a participating department. This combination provides a solid grounding in the methodology of a discipline, while providing an interdisciplinary experience. A Joint Major is the product of a cooperative agreement between a department and an interdisciplinary program.

The student must complete course work in both the concentration and the departmental major as specified in the cooperative agreement. The student will complete a single senior capstone in the format of the cooperating department.

Procedure for Establishing a Joint Major: The option for a joint major must be supported by both the participating department and interdisciplinary program, with written notice sent by both to the Provost, Curriculum Policy Committee and Registrar. Approval by the Provost and CPC is required. The cooperative agreement should describe how the departmental senior capstone will integrate work from the interdisciplinary concentration. The catalog will list each approved Joint Major. The description of each joint major should parallel other descriptions of majors, including course and other requirements. The joint major has the same limits to units required as do departmental and program majors.