Housing first-year and upperclass students, Mather provides the unique opportunity for new students to learn the ins-and-outs of campus from students who already know the ropes. Upperclass students usually occupy the third and fourth floors; with first-students on the lower 2 floors. The rooms have built-in closets and desks and come with movable extra-long twin bed.  Mather is smoke-free and alcohol-free.

Mather is fully carpeted and air-conditioned. Mather has a large kitchen, and comfortable main lounge. Residents have enjoyed painting large, colorful murals around the building to make the hall’s atmosphere more vibrant. The rooms are softly lit, so plan on bringing an extra desk lamp for the late night study sessions.  It is located near Gund Commons, which has a game room. Laundry facilities are located in the basement.


Single Room: 89 sq. ft. (average)
Double Room: 177 sq. ft. (average)
Trible Room: 272 sq. ft. (average)

Windows: 54" wide x 58 3/8" long (crank to open)

Rooms also contain built-in closets with sliding doors and 4' clothing rods.