Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research. Our mission is to collect, organize, analyze, interpret and disseminate institutional data and intelligence for the purpose of decision-making, policy formation, planning, and assessment of programs and activities. 

Check out past, present, and future projects on the Survey Calendar. If you wish to design a study or send out a survey, contact Director of Institutional Research Erika Farfan (farfane@kenyon.edu) for further information.

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Data from all surveys done at Kenyon Surveys and Studies
Statistics about Kenyon admissions Admissions
Statistics about Kenyon enrollment and diversity Student Enrollment
Statistics about Kenyon academics  Academic Program and Graduates
Charts and visualizations of Kenyon data Data Gallery
Guides to create a survey Conducting Research at Kenyon
Guides to data/statistical tools  Statistical Software
Information about Institutional Research About Institutional Research