Kenyon Staff Council’s mission is to seek opportunities to improve communication access across the campus, with special emphasis on the relationships among exempt and non-exempt employees, the President and senior staff. Every employee’s thoughts, concerns and vision for a better Kenyon guide our efforts.

Staff Council members include non-exempt and exempt employees representing all College divisions, as well as three at-large members as determined by election of all eligible employees.

Any questions or comments regarding the College can be submitted online, and we will do our best to respond quickly and completely (access responses to recent questions). You may also offer feedback directly to any Staff Council member. We exist to serve all Kenyon employees, and we look forward to serving you.


Kenyon Staff Council’s Outreach Subcommittee is responsible for the distribution of cheer baskets and other cards to staff members who are going through difficult situations or celebrating milestones. If you know of someone who you think needs a cheer basket or other outreach from the Staff Council, please use the request form below.