Although many students have no difficulty obtaining college credit for their KAP courses, occasional problems over credit may arise.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. First, you can order your transcript online at Credentials Solutions Transcripts Plus and have your grades sent to the school to which you are applying. You will need your KAP ID number to request a transcript. If you need any additional information please contact Dudley Thomas at 740-427-5358.
  2. During the process of applying to colleges, make sure that the admissions office understands what KAP is all about: The Kenyon Academic Partnership is an early college program in which 34 central and northern Ohio public and independent secondary schools offer various Kenyon College introductory level courses on their own campuses. The KAP program permits students to earn transcripted college credit before leaving high school but initiates high school students with the rigors of college the classroom.
  3. Contact the Registrar at the college as soon as possible after sending the transcript. Ask if they have received your transcript from Kenyon College and whether or not they will grant credit.
  4. If you are denied credit, ask the Registrar what the school's policy is about college credits earned at other institutions. It may be possible to convince college officials that your course was of comparable difficulty and your grade represents comparable achievement.
  5. KAP course syllabi for your high school are available at You may want to have that handy, along with returned papers and exams, to present to officials at your college. Colleges have the right to be skeptical about your course work, but you also have the right to be given fair consideration. Be aware that some colleges make decisions about credit at the departmental or even the faculty member level.
  6. If you are unable to obtain either credit or placement, ask the school to provide you a letter explaining their policies. Ask them to send copies of the denial to your high school and to Dudley Thomas, at Kenyon College. Your high school and the KAP program will have a better idea of what schools are accepting or rejecting their credits. 
  7. Remember, different schools have different policies about granting credit for work done elsewhere. Even the same school, at different times, may have different policies. Some students who transfer find that the new school will accept the credit even though the first school did not. Keep in mind that you will have to request another transcript from Kenyon College to the new school.