Introduction to Lecture Recording

Recorded Lectures in Moodle

  • Do not upload video recordings or large PowerPoint files to Moodle
  • Share them through Google Drive
  • You can link the url for a file in Google Drive in Google, and students who have access will be able to access it from there

Considerations for uploading to Google Drive or any other cloud storage:

  • Video files can be very large, and uploading files is much slower than downloading
  • Wired connections (e.g. ethernet) are better than wireless connections
  • Campus connections are faster than at home for upload and downloads
  • Long videos may take hours to upload, and students will not be able to access them during this time.  Plan accordingly.
  • After uploading, videos are processed for streaming playback.  Longer videos take longer to process.
  • Until processing is complete, students can download videos to watch locally. 
  • Create shorter recordings whenever possible to decrease the upload and download times. For example, break a 60-minute lecture into 6 10-minute parts or episodes. 
  • Work at least a day ahead if possible
  • Consider using existing lectures which are already available on sites like YouTube or Vimeo. 

Note: Worldwide, record amounts of video are being uploaded to Google Drive and other cloud storage. Processing will take longer until cloud providers add more capacity and peak demand decreases as the semester continues.