We’ll start with a plenary address on April 15 at 11:10 a.m. by Cia Verschelden, special projects advisor for the Integration of Academic and Student Affairs at the Association of American Colleges and Universities and author of the book "Bandwidth Recovery." Verschelden’s talk, titled "Bandwidth Tax of Uncertainty: How to Help Students (and Colleagues) Recover," will examine strategies that show promise in helping students regain the cognitive resources lost to discrimination and hostility, persistent economic insecurity, and the current pandemic and social unrest. At noon, Verschelden will lead a workshop on these topics. 

On April 22 and 29 from 11:10 a.m. to 12:40 p.m., recipients of Course Innovation Grants will present their projects and findings in brief lightning talks, and then move to virtual breakout rooms for further discussion. Material from the projects will be available on Digital Kenyon a week before the sessions, so you can review them in more detail and our time together can be most productive.

This will be a terrific opportunity to hear about small and large innovations, supported by the scholarship of teaching and learning, which help our students learn and find a supportive community at Kenyon.



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April 22

Engaged Laboratory Experiences within Distance Learning
Tom Giblin*, Ben Schumacher, Aaron Reinhard, Maddie Wade, Gordon Loveland, Les Wade, Frank Peiris, Tim Sullivan, and Paula Turner

Active Learning in Quantum Mechanics
Tom Giblin*

Lowering Barriers to Active Learning in Phys 240 and Phys 245
Tom Giblin* and Les Wade*

Enhancing student preparation for active learning in the classroom
Karen Hicks*, Viktoriya Coneva, Chris Gillen, Harry Itagaki, Beth Schultz, Wade Powell, Arianna Smith, Drew Kerkhoff, and Toshi Tsunekage  

Active Learning in Introductory Chemistry
Katie Mauck*

Fostering Belonging in Chemistry 475
Kerry Rouhier*

April 29

Reenvisioning Biology 115
Chris Gillen*, Toshi Tsunekage, and Chris Bickford 

Bringing Knox County into the Classroom: Virtual Field Trips for Kenyon’s Earth Sciences Offerings 
Ruth Heindel* and Eric Holdener*

Building Community Belonging in Introductory Chemistry
Sheryl Hemkin*

Improving Teaching Assistant Training in Introductory Biology Laboratories
Jennifer McMahon*

Inclusive Excellence in BIOL 116: Improving factual knowledge retention to stimulate higher-order cognitive skills, exam performance, and student persistence
Arianna Smith* and Wade Powell*