Day in the Life: Studio Art Capstone Edition

A senior studio art major prepares her final project.


My morning starts with a psychology class in Chalmers Memorial Library. Although I am a studio art major, I can take classes in any discipline.


After picking up lunch at Peirce Hall, I walk over to Horvitz Hall to work on my senior capstone project in my studio for a few hours. For studio art majors, the senior capstone entails an exhibition of a focused body of work in the Gund Gallery. In my project, I am creating a magazine and installation that explores the multifaceted quality of womanhood with highly stylized photographs. The photographs include, but are not limited to, themes of power, vulnerability, and autonomy through the differing stages of life.


My studio mate, Kylie Writer ‘22, is hard at work on her paintings when I arrive.


Mini exhibits in the Horvitz Hall lobby are a great opportunity to take a break from work, see fellow student’s artwork, talk to other art professors, and eat delicious cookies!


After doing some more work and having an impromptu chat with my advisor, I go for a walk and get myself a latte (with an extra shot of espresso) from Wiggin Street Coffee with a friend.


In addition to my studies, I work at the Gund Gallery as the associate leader of the visitor experience team. Once a month we host Late Night events to encourage gallery engagement. Tonight’s late night event includes Polaroid pictures, notebook collaging, donuts, and live music. After Late Night at the Gund Gallery, I walk home to get some much needed rest before starting again the next morning.