Kenyon's printing infrastructure is undergoing a transformation in how we provide printing, scanning, and copying functions across campus. We recently partnered with Modern Office Methods (MOM) to provide new equipment for updated features and a more secure printing environment.

Over the next several months, over 100+ new printers will be deployed across campus. Starting next week, each division on campus will be getting a small sample (approximately one per division) of these new printers. Communication to those specific areas has already been conveyed. Please take time to use and test these new printers before the larger campus rollout. This initial phase will provide LBIS an opportunity to gradually become acquainted with this transition and the forthcoming questions.


Why are printers being replaced? Our current printers work just fine!

Commercial printers have a service life that our current fleet of printers is coming up on. We are replacing these printers to bring you better features, higher security and cost advantages for the College.

So, what do I need to do?

  • If you're a student printing to the PublicPrint print queue, you don't need to do anything! You'll be able to start printing to the new printers as they are deployed across campus.
  • If you are a faculty or staff member, view the new instructions.

Do I need my K-Card or Kenyon ID to print using the new printers?

You don't need your physical K-Card, but having it will make printing a lot easier. When you get to the printer, you will need to log in by scanning your K-Card or by typing in your username and password. After you log in, press the Print release button, and the printer will print all of the jobs in your queue.

Will I still use my departmental printing codes?

No. Budget tracking for departmental printing will be tracked and reported differently. Administrative assistants will be able to track the printing in their departments using the reporting features in PaperCut, which are gathered automatically.

What are some of the new features?

There are a lot of new features, but here are just a few of the big ones!

  • Easier to read interface
  • Faster printing and scanning
  • Easier scanning to Google Drive or as an attachment to your email
  • Higher efficiency and less waste

Who do I contact for printing and printer-related questions? 

  • If the printer is malfunctioning, please contact the 1-800 number on the the front of the printer.
  • If you're having trouble sending a job to the printer or using the printer, contact Helpline by phone at 740-427-5700 or by email at, using the TOPdesk form, or by emailing Kenyon's printer support group at

PaperCut Print Deploy Instructions

Part of the new process will be installing the new print queues, which will be very different from the past. You will soon notice a PaperCut Print Deploy Client app installed on your Kenyon-owned computer. The next phase of the project will be to replace all copiers across campus as they become available for delivery, keeping a priority on replacing the whole building or division as supplies allow.

The PaperCut Print Deploy app will facilitate a new way to install print queues. The app will be located in the Task/Menu Bar near your time clock on your computer.

Please note that light and dark modes may make it difficult to see the Print Deploy icon.

Right-clicking on the Print Deploy app will present the two options for the app.

  • Refresh my printers now, which can be used if you are experiencing issues with the loaded printer
  • View my printers, which brings up the list of currently installed printers and provides an option to add others

Mac users will see the PaperCut login window open on their desktop when the client is installed along with a notification that a new background item was added to the login items. If you do not see the PaperCut login window appear and the icon is not displayed in the taskbar contact helpline for assistance with installing the PaperCut client.

To add new printers you will need to click on the Add printers tab on the left and then click on the green Install button on the right to install the printer.

After the installation is complete, it will label that printer as installed. To remove the printer, click the trash can icon to uninstall the printer.

The My Printers tab on the left will also show your installed printer.