Kenyon will be replacing phones across campus during the summer of 2023. The transition will be in done in seven different phases over the months of June, July and August. Please look for notification emails for your specific area.  

Kenyon currently uses Cisco Unity Connection as the phone system and CBTS as the phone provider. We will be switching to Zoom Phone, which has full support for soft clients (on your desktop, laptop and cell phone) and hardware clients (like your existing desk phone). Zoom Phone licenses will allow you to place and receive phone calls, while your Zoom Meeting license will allow you to use premium meeting features, like larger rooms, uncapped meeting minutes and meeting transcripts.

During this transition, your Cisco phone will be replaced with a soft phone (no hardware, just an app on your computer) and/or a Poly Edge hardware phone. We are encouraging the use of a software phone; however, a physical phone can be requested.

This phone replacement project is part of Kenyon's ongoing technology mission, which includes the replacement of old technology with new solutions that better match the needs of the College. This replacement will make your phone more secure, easier to access and more feature-rich. You do not need to use any of the new features.

Please use this form to request a physical (hardware) phone.

For now, you don't need to do anything special. Users who are receiving new phones or new phone features will have those features pushed out to them automatically. Users who are receiving new hardware will have the hardware switched out for them in the summer of 2023.

There's a lot of new features, but here are just a few of the big ones:

• A native soft-client using the Zoom app on your computer and on your smartphone

• Turn phone calls into instant Zoom video meetings

• Extension-based dialing

• Better life-safety features with more comprehensive E911 and emergency calling features

To sign into Zoom, you will need to use SSO. There is an SSO button to the bottom left of the username/password fields. Click on SSO, then enter kenyon-edu as the company domain.

If you are experiencing issues using your new Zoom Phone or with the Zoom app, including issues with meetings, please contact the phone maintenance team by filing a self-service portal service request on TOPdesk.

For immediate assistance contact helpline at 740-427-5700.

Yes, please view this sheet for the most up-to-date training schedule.