In the lead up to and during the fun of Reunion Weekend, we took some time to recognize alumni who are doing outstanding work in their fields, humanitarian service or volunteer work for Kenyon.

These awards recognize outstanding commitment to the College by specific alumni classes and individual members of the alumni community. Individual awardees are nominated by their peers or friends of the College, with final selections made by Alumni Council. The full list of award recipients is below.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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2024 Alumni Award Recipients

Phoebe Brown '79 P'18

Gregg Cup: Phoebe Brown '79 P'18

Phoebe is the current co-chair of Kenyon Women Giving Back, a group dedicated to celebrating and elevating all the ways women give back to Kenyon. She has served as the chair of the Kenyon Fund Executive Committee and on Alumni Council. In addition, she has served as a leadership giving associate, class agent, phonathon worker and on multiple reunion planning committees. In the nomination for this award she was described as “kind, thoughtful, diligent and a joy to work with.”

The Gregg Cup was donated to Kenyon College by Henry Sellers Gregg of the Class of 1881, a longtime Kenyon volunteer who served as a trustee of the College from 1917 until a year before his death in 1938. Originally intended to acknowledge the alumnus (or, since the advent of coeducation, alumna) who, in the opinion of the Alumni Council, had made the most significant contribution to the welfare of Kenyon in a given year, the Gregg Cup is now awarded in recognition of a history of service to the College.


Ambassador Bridget Brink ’91

Humanitarian Service Award: Ambassador Bridget Brink ’91

Ever since graduating in 1991 with a degree in political science, Ambassador Brink has been a citizen of the world. She holds master’s degrees in international relations and political theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service. She has spent most of her career advancing U.S. policy in Europe and Eurasia. She has had postings in Belgrade, Serbia; Tbilisi, Georgia; and Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She speaks Russian and has studied French, Serbian and Georgian. She was U.S. Ambassador to the Slovak Republic from 2019 until 2022. She was nominated by President Biden to be U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine on April 25, 2022, confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate, and she arrived in Kyiv a month later. Since then she has been a tireless advocate for freedom for the people of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Zali Win '84

Humanitarian Service Award: Zali Win '84

Zali has been a Kenyon trustee and chair of the Philander Chase Conservancy board, but he was nominated for his humanitarian work in his father’s homeland of Burma — Myanmar today. In September 1988, he invited his classmate Hodding Carter to travel to the Thai-Burma border, where they visited a number of remote camps filled with student refugees who had escaped arrest, torture, and even killing by the military junta. Zali worked tirelessly, while also in great danger, to bring food and medical supplies to these young revolutionaries at a time when they most needed it. In the decades since, he has continued to support the people of Myanmar in many ways, quietly and diligently, raising money for educational charities. Since the military coup in January 2021, he has helped many humanitarian relief and pro-democracy organizations establish U.S. fundraising channels and provided governance and logistical and financial advice to a number of other educational and humanitarian projects.

The Humanitarian Service Award, which is not necessarily conferred on an annual basis, is given at the discretion of the Alumni Council to members of the Kenyon family who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to humanitarian service.

Greenslade Award: Becky Hoyt ’99

Becky Hoyt has displayed remarkable commitment and leadership in reconnecting classmates to Kenyon while actively promoting philanthropic support. She went above and beyond expectations as a class agent, reunion planner and as a former class agent chair on the Kenyon Fund Executive Committee. She leads by example and has made Kenyon a philanthropic priority, setting a standard for giving that has inspired others. Her commitment to the betterment of her alma mater is truly commendable and serves as a source of motivation for others. 

The Greenslade Award, which is not necessarily conferred on an annual basis, is given at the discretion of the Alumni Council to members of the Kenyon family including alumni, parents, employees and friends of the College who demonstrate the qualities of affection for and loyalty to Kenyon exhibited by the Greenslades in their many years of volunteer service to the College and its constituents, both on campus and off. The award honors the memory of Thomas Boardman Greenslade ’31, Kenyon archivist from 1967 until his death in 1990, and Mary MacWilliam Greenslade, an unofficial ambassador for the College both before and after her husband’s death until her own in 1994.

Katie Goldman ’16

Anne J. Robinson Award: Katie Goldman ’16

In Austin, Katie helped create a regional association and planned and organized many creative alumni events including studio tours, a soccer game and concert outings, brewery get-togethers and even a unique version of bingo! Now in Boston, Katie has already helped to plan an alumni Boston Red Sox outing.

The Anne J. Robinson Award is awarded annually to the outstanding regional alumni association president recommended by the Alumni and Parent Engagement staff and endorsed by members of the Alumni Council.

Larae Bush Schraeder ’97

Kenyon-to-Career Ambassador Award: Larae Bush Schraeder ’97

Larae is the Kenyon Job Shadow Program’s most dedicated champion and has been one of its most prolific hosts over her career. In 2007, Larae gave generously to establish a fund designed to offset job shadowing expenses for students with need-based aid, which supports 5-10 students each year. Larae shares her expertise willingly, returning to campus regularly to meet with students. 

The Kenyon-to-Career Ambassador Award is given in recognition of the individual who has significantly contributed to the professional development, career exploration, and post-graduate success of Kenyon students and alumni. The recipient has provided exceptional career-related support which may include multiple modes of network building, opportunity sourcing, and professional mentoring; and/or has demonstrated leadership toward enhancing innovative career resources and programming for students and alumni. It is conferred annually by the Career Development Office.

Distinguished Service Awards

Allen Ballard ’52 H’04

Allen Ballard ’52 H’04
Allen is one of the first two Black graduates of Kenyon. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees and Alumni Council, has served on multiple reunion committees, and he was recognized by the College with an honorary degree in 2004. The Allen B. Ballard Prize was established last year and is awarded to a Kenyon student in recognition of an outstanding scholarly project that promotes understanding of the history, cultures and peoples of the African diaspora by focusing on issues pertaining to social justice.

Dave Barrie ’74
Dave has been a volunteer for Kenyon in some capacity for almost 40 years. He was encouraging Kenyon to build up its 50th reunion program before they had one and the staff has appreciated his feedback as they continue to grow and develop this new endeavor. He is currently a co-chair for the 1974 50th Reunion Fundraising and Participation Subcommittee. His creativity and determination have motivated the group as they work to achieve their class goals and he is himself a loyal and generous supporter of Kenyon.

Brian Dowdall ’93

Brian Dowdall ’93
Brian has served as a class agent, on reunion planning committees, as a phonathon caller and regional association representative, but Brian was nominated for this award by the Swim and Dive Reunion Committee for his commitment to that reunion weekend, in particular his fundraising efforts to endow the James A. Steen Pursuit of Excellence Endowment Fund to support the swimming and diving teams.

Chris Eaton ’89

Chris Eaton ’89
Chris is a former Alumni Council member, class agent and phonathon caller now serving on his reunion committee, as a regional association volunteer and on the Our Path Forward Campaign committee. He was also appointed in April to join the Kenyon Board of Trustees.

Rose Fealy ’84

Rose Fealy ’84 
Rose is one of the tri-chairs for the campaign who has also volunteered with Kenyon Women Giving Back and the Kenyon Fund Executive Committee. She is currently a member of the Board of Trustees as well.

Kamille Harless ’99
Kamille has just about the longest possible history an alum can have with Kenyon, since her parents met here. She has continued their legacy of volunteerism in multiple roles for Kenyon, including as a regional association volunteer, member of the Our Path Forward to the Bicentennial campaign committee and former chair of Alumni Council. She’s also been a class agent, reunion planner and helped coordinate the celebration of 50 years of coeducation.

Bill Kozy ’74
Bill has been a volunteer for Kenyon in some capacity for almost 30 years. He is currently a co-chair for the 1974 50th Reunion Fundraising and Participation Subcommittee. He is a strong advocate for the College and its priority to provide students access to a Kenyon education. His strategic and thoughtful approach to the fundraising efforts for his class has been essential as the committee helps their class achieve their goals and he is also a loyal and generous supporter of Kenyon.

John Woollam ’61
John is a former member of the Philander Chase Conservancy board and has remained deeply engaged in the work of the Conservancy. John was instrumental in allowing the College to preserve two key properties, totaling more than 200 acres, that connect the Brown Family Environmental Center to Wolfe Run Regional Park. These properties create a corridor from Gambier to Coshocton Avenue and more than doubled the hiking trail network, now approaching 20 miles. John’s tireless work on these and other property acquisitions has ensured that Gambier will retain its rural character for generations to come.

Distinguished service awards are presented to those alumni who, in the opinion of Alumni Council, have made a significant contribution to Kenyon in past years as volunteers for admissions, fundraising, career development, and regional association steering committees.

D. Morgan Smith Award: Jeff Bell ’84

Jeff has demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership in reconnecting classmates to Kenyon College while actively encouraging philanthropic support. His tireless efforts have not only strengthened the bonds within the alumni community but have also significantly expanded the reach of Kenyon's network. His generosity has inspired others to follow suit, fostering a culture of giving within the alumni community. Jeff Bell possesses a unique ability to inspire and engage his peers, and his dedication to the betterment of Kenyon College is truly commendable.

This award is named for class agent D. Morgan Smith ’28, whose service on Alumni Council and work with students inspired the creation of the Student-Alumni Association. An annual award recognizing outstanding service as a class agent. More about the award and past winners.

Bishop's Cup: Class of 1974, combining to give $22,918,372

Named for Bishop Philander Chase, the founder and first president of Kenyon College, this award honors the reunion class giving the largest amount to all areas at Kenyon.

Class of 1921 Plate: Class of 1984

The Class of 1921 Plate recognizes the class with the highest percentage of its members giving to the College — not including those classes celebrating their 50th reunions.

Peirce Cup: Class of 1974, with 30% of the class present

Named in honor of William Foster Peirce, president of Kenyon College from 1896-1937, the Peirce Cup recognizes the reunion class with the greatest percentage of its members attending Reunion Weekend.

KFEC Award: Class of 1989

The KFEC Award was created in 2007 to recognize the reunion class with the largest number of new leadership level donors to the Kenyon annual funds in the current fiscal year. (The 50th reunion class is not eligible for this award.)

Thomas Cup: Class of 1974

The Thomas Cup honors the Reunion Class (5th through 50th classes) with the largest amount given and pledged to the Kenyon annual funds in the current fiscal year. It was named for William H. Thomas Jr., Class of ’36, who later served Kenyon as alumni director and vice president for development for 20 years.

Class of '87 Award: Class of 2004

The Class of ’87 Award was created in 2007 to recognize the class among those celebrating 5th to 20th reunions, with the largest total dollars given to the Kenyon annual funds in the current fiscal year.

Class of '62 Award: Class of 2004

The Class of ’62 Award is presented to the reunion class from the 5th to the 20th classes with the greatest percentage of members contributing to the College in the current fiscal year.

Class of '63 Cup: Class of 2004

The Class of ’63 Award is given to the reunion class with the greatest percentage increase in dollars given to Kenyon annual funds over the previous fiscal year.