At Kenyon’s first-ever all-class soiree on Saturday, May 28, President Sean Decatur presented the 2022 Gregg Cup to Thomas Moore ’72 and the 2022 Humanitarian Service Award to Heather Dreifuss ’99, Bradley Dreifuss ’01, Caiti Crum ’00 and Timothy Hsu ’02.

Additional 2022 alumni awards were announced throughout the weekend. These awards recognize outstanding commitment to the College by specific alumni classes and individual members of the alumni community. Individual awardees are nominated by their peers or friends of the College, with final selections made by Alumni Council. The full list of award recipients is below.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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2022 Alumni Award Recipients

Tom Moore in group
President Sean Decatur, Tom Moore '72, Murray Horwitz '70 and Chris Toft '89.

Gregg Cup: Thomas Moore ’72

Moore has served as a Kenyon volunteer since at least 1984 — as far as alumni office records go back. He has served as a class agent for 30 years and worked on six reunion committees and two campaign committees. He has served as a trustee, on the Kenyon Fund Executive Committee and Alumni Council, twice each, and helped shape the new 50th reunion program, among other contributions to the College. He has served the College as well as any alum, and done so with a smile. In fact, his motto is “Work hard and be nice to people.”

The Gregg Cup was donated to Kenyon College by Henry Sellers Gregg of the Class of 1881, a longtime Kenyon volunteer who served as a trustee of the College from 1917 until a year before his death in 1938. Originally intended to acknowledge the alumnus (or, since the advent of coeducation, alumna) who, in the opinion of the Alumni Council, had made the most significant contribution to the welfare of Kenyon in a given year, the Gregg Cup is now awarded in recognition of a history of service to the College.

Humanitarian Service Award: Heather Dreifuss ’99, Bradley Dreifuss ’01, Caiti Crum ’00 and Timothy Hsu ’02

The Dreifusses founded HCW HOSTED; Timothy is a member of the board, and Caiti serves on the emotional/mental health and wellness team. HCW HOSTED in Tucson matched healthcare professionals with critical services during the early days of the pandemic, including providing safe housing away from family members to mitigate potential COVID-19 exposure. The non-profit also offers free emotional health and wellness support for these professionals. More than 200 healthcare workers from various professions in Tucson have utilized these services to date.

The Humanitarian Service Award, which is not necessarily conferred on an annual basis, is given at the discretion of the Alumni Council to members of the Kenyon family who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to humanitarian service.

Greenslade Award: Martha W. Johnson ’84

Johnson was nominated by Deb Cooperman ’83, who said Martha “has been the unofficial ‘Troop Leader’ of the K’80s online community since its inception almost 10 years ago, and through all that she does for that community (and the way she lives her life) she epitomizes the spirit of this award. 

The Greenslade Award, which is not necessarily conferred on an annual basis, is given at the discretion of the Alumni Council to members of the Kenyon family including alumni, parents, employees and friends of the College who demonstrate the qualities of affection for and loyalty to Kenyon exhibited by the Greenslades in their many years of volunteer service to the College and its constituents, both on campus and off. The award honors the memory of Thomas Boardman Greenslade ’31, Kenyon archivist from 1967 until his death in 1990, and Mary MacWilliam Greenslade, an unofficial ambassador for the College both before and after her husband’s death until her own in 1994.

Anne J. Robinson Award: Rick Spinner ’63

In the fiscal year prior to the pandemic, nearly one-quarter of the Sarasota regional association attended a regional event organized by Rick Spinner, the highest rate across all regions. During the pandemic, Sarasota was one of the few regions to host virtual events.

The Anne J. Robinson Award is awarded annually to the outstanding regional alumni association president recommended by the Alumni and Parent Engagement staff and endorsed by members of the Alumni Council.

Kenyon-to-Career Ambassador Award: Mara Alperin ’07

Alperin has hosted 14 students for professional extension projects in children's book publishing, coordinating times to connect with these students from her home in London.

The Kenyon-to-Career Ambassador Award is given in recognition of the individual who has significantly contributed to the professional development, career exploration, and post-graduate success of Kenyon students and alumni. The recipient has provided exceptional career-related support which may include multiple modes of network building, opportunity sourcing, and professional mentoring; and/or has demonstrated leadership toward enhancing innovative career resources and programming for students and alumni. It is conferred annually by the Career Development Office.

Distinguished Service Awards

Stephen McCoy ’87
McCoy has served in a variety of volunteer roles since 1991, including class agent.

Jerry Mindes ’77
Mindes has served as both a class agent and reunion committee member.  Whether hosting dinner parties or monthly Zoom meetings during the pandemic, he’s helped keep the Class of 1977 together.  One classmate described him as the “connective tissue that keeps Kenyon relevant in our lives some forty years after graduation.”

David Hanson ’87
Hanson is a former member of Alumni Council who has served in a variety of roles including career volunteer, class agent, reunion committee member, K’80s steering committee member and as a regional association officer.

Distinguished service awards are presented to those alumni who, in the opinion of Alumni Council, have made a significant contribution to Kenyon in past years as volunteers for admissions, fundraising, career development, and regional association steering committees.

D. Morgan Smith Award: Nancy Ellis ’72 and Doug Holbrook ’72

This award is named for class agent D. Morgan Smith ’28, whose service on Alumni Council and work with students inspired the creation of the Student-Alumni Association. An annual award recognizing outstanding service as a class agent. More about the award and past winners.

Bishop's Cup: Class of 1977, combining to give $4,747,887

Named for Bishop Philander Chase, the founder and first president of Kenyon College, this award honors the reunion class giving the largest amount to all areas at Kenyon.

Class of 1921 Plate: Class of 1992

The Class of 1921 Plate recognizes the class with the highest percentage of its members giving to the College — not including those classes celebrating their 50th reunions.

Peirce Cup: Class of 1972, with 43% of the class present

Named in honor of William Foster Peirce, president of Kenyon College from 1896-1937, the Peirce Cup recognizes the reunion class with the greatest percentage of its members attending Reunion Weekend.

KFEC Award: Class of 1982

The KFEC Award was created in 2007 to recognize the reunion class with the largest number of new leadership level donors to the Kenyon annual funds in the current fiscal year. (The 50th reunion class is not eligible for this award.)

Thomas Cup: Class of 1977

The Thomas Cup honors the Reunion Class (5th through 50th classes) with the largest amount given and pledged to the Kenyon annual funds in the current fiscal year. It was named for William H. Thomas Jr., Class of ’36, who later served Kenyon as alumni director and vice president for development for 20 years.

Class of '87 Award: Class of 2002

The Class of ’87 Award was created in 2007 to recognize the class among those celebrating 5th to 20th reunions, with the largest total dollars given to the Kenyon annual funds in the current fiscal year.

Class of '62 Award: Class of 2002

The Class of ’62 Award is presented to the reunion class from the 5th to the 20th classes with the greatest percentage of members contributing to the College in the current fiscal year.

Class of '63 Cup: Class of 1962

The Class of ’63 Award is given to the reunion class with the greatest percentage increase in dollars given to Kenyon annual funds over the previous fiscal year.