Each year, Kenyon recognizes certain individuals for their outstanding commitment to the College by presenting alumni awards during Reunion Weekend.  

Meet our 2024 alumni award recipients.

At the all-class soiree during Reunion Weekend, President Julie Kornfeld awarded the Gregg Cup to Phoebe Brown '79 P'18. Humanitarian Service Awards were presented to Zali Win '84 and Ambassador Bridget Brink ’91, and additional 2024 alumni awards were announced throughout the weekend.

Presented to those alumni who, in the opinion of the Alumni Council, have made a significant contribution to Kenyon in past years as volunteers for admissions, fundraising, career development, and regional association steering committees.

Named for Anne J. Robinson, wife of Jefferson D. Robinson M’49 who served as alumni director from 1978-1988.  An annual award for outstanding service as a regional association president.       

Given at the discretion of the Alumni Council to members of the Kenyon family who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to humanitarian service.

Given at the discretion of the Alumni Council to members of the Kenyon family, including alumni, parents, and employees and friends of the College, who demonstrate the qualities of affection for and loyalty to Kenyon exhibited by the Greenslades in their many years of volunteer service to the College and its constituents.

The award honors the memory of Thomas Boardman Greenslade ’31, Kenyon archivist from 1967 until his death in 1990, and Mary MacWilliam Greenslade, an unofficial ambassador for the College both before and after her husband's death until her own in 1994. The Greenslade Award, which is not necessarily conferred on an annual basis, may be presented at Kenyon’s Alumni Awards Luncheon or such other time as the Alumni Council determines to be appropriate.

The Gregg Cup was donated to Kenyon College by Henry Sellers Gregg of the Class of 1881, a longtime Kenyon volunteer who served as a trustee of the College from 1917 until a year before his death in 1938.  Originally intended to acknowledge the alumnus (or, since the advent of coeducation, alumna) who, in the opinion of the Alumni Council, had made the most significant contribution to the welfare of Kenyon in a given year, the Gregg Cup is now awarded in recognition of a history of service to the College.

This trophy cup is inscribed as follows:

“Presented to Kenyon College by Henry Sellers Gregg, 1881 A.B. to inscribe at Commencement the name of the alumnus who has done most for Kenyon during the current year.”

The Gregg Cup was first awarded in 1934, and the names of those so honored to date are inscribed on the Cup.

Named for class agent D. Morgan Smith ’28, whose service on Alumni Council and work with students inspired the creation of the Student-Alumni Association.  An annual award recognizing outstanding service as a class agent.  

Named for David Harbison M’48 P’72 ’75 ’76 ’79, this award recognizes exceptional service to the admissions office in their student recruitment program.