"Is the American Experiment Still Viable?" — a Hill to Hill event — is a series of six virtual alumni panel discussions sponsored by the Center for the Study of American Democracy in conjunction with the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement. 

The initial panel will explore how negative partisanship, polarization and lack of trust in government are shaping the political landscape and their implications for the future. President Sean Decatur will give an opening statement.

Panelists include: 

  • Richard Baehr '69, co-founder of and contributor to americanthinker.com, healthcare consultant for 40+ years (the last 25 at Richard A. Baehr and Associates)
  • Jeff Bridges '03, senator, State of Colorado General Assembly
  • Sarah Longwell '02, strategic director, Republican Voters Against Trump
  • John MacNeil '80 P'15, board member and officer, Unite the Country PAC 
  • Moderator: Dave Rowe, Kenyon professor of political science, director of the Center for the Study of American Democracy

Additional panels include:

  • October 6: Race, Identity and the “Real” America
  • October 13: Law, Order, Justice and Democracy
  • October 20: America in the World
  • October 27: Information, Misinformation, Disinformation
  • November 10: America Voted. What's Next?

To register for additional panels in this series, visit kenyon.edu/for-alumni/events.

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