Marci Cottingham joined the Department of Sociology at Kenyon in 2022. Cottingham's research examines the relationship between emotions, social life, and inequalities, including how emotions are shaped by social hierarchies (class, gender, race), occupations and digital media. Her past projects have looked at the emotional payoff of sports fandom, the emotional demands of nursing, the experiences of healthy volunteers in clinical trials, and humor practices on Twitter.

Prior to joining Kenyon, Cottingham was an associate professor of sociology at the University of Amsterdam and a fellow at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Institute for Advanced Studies in Germany from 2019 - 2020.

Her book, "Practical Feelings," was published in 2022 with Oxford University Press. 

Areas of Expertise

Emotion, Inequalities, Health & Healthcare


2013 — Doctor of Philosophy from University of Akron

Courses Recently Taught

This course introduces students to the discipline of sociology, defining what society and culture are and how they relate to individuals. We start with foundational concepts, theories and methods, using empirical applications throughout the course to bring the topic to life. With social life disrupted by COVID-19, the pandemic is a window into understanding societies and culture around the world. The society and culture in which we are raised is often the most difficult to analyze—we have internalized them so well, we forget having learned them. Students are encouraged to step outside of their own assumptions, values and taken-for-granted practices. Research from the U.S. and around the world can help us see what is strange about the society we inhabit and what is familiar about “other” cultures and societies. Finally, students learn about the various research methods used in sociology as well as how research findings are represented in news media. Students may take only one introductory-level course.

This course is for advanced students. See online searchable schedule for further description. Prerequisites: permission of instructor and department chair.