John M. Elliott came to the Department of Political Science in 1970, where he has taught a variety of courses in American politics. Elliott has recently offered courses in public policy, the presidency, the making of American foreign policy, and on the role of the news media in American politics.

Along with faculty members from the Department of Economics, he has often co-taught the capstone course for the public policy concentration, and he regularly teaches courses in twentieth century American political history with a colleague from the Department of History.

Elliott is completing a book entitled Political Journalism in a Pluralist Democracy and has published chapters on the subject. Recently he served as chair of the department, and for three years he served as chair of the College's Resource Allocation and Assessment Committee. For many years he has been co-chair of the Public Policy concentration, which he helped found.

Areas of Expertise

American politics, public policy, the news media and American politics.


1974 — Doctor of Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University

1968 — Master of Arts from Johns Hopkins University

1966 — Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University

Courses Recently Taught

The course explores the guiding principles, major institutions and national politics of the American political system. The Founders' view of liberal democracy and of the three branches of our government (presented in the "Federalist Papers") will provide the basis for consideration of the modern Supreme Court, presidency, bureaucracy, Congress, news media, and political parties and elections. The course concludes with Tocqueville's broad overview of American democracy and its efforts to reconcile liberty and equality. The themes of the course will be illustrated by references to current political issues, events and personalities. This course is the same as AMST 200D. This course must be taken as PSCI 200D to count toward the social science requirement. This course counts toward the American politics requirement for the major and the politics, culture and society requirement for the American studies major. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or first-year students currently enrolled in PSCI 102Y. Offered every year.