Section 1: Purpose, Functions and Powers

The functions and powers of the Student Council shall be:

A. To officially represent and express student views concerning the affairs of the College.

B. Supervise the operation of student organizations and activities.

C. Administer elections, appointments, and removal, when necessary, from all offices in Student Council.

D. Allocate the Student Activity Fee and oversee its expenditures.

E. Initiate proposals and/or resolutions to express the views of the student body on issues over which the Council has no binding authority.

Section 2: Membership

A. All full-time, regularly enrolled students are members of the Student Council.

Section 3: Officers

A. The officers shall be a President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Business and Finance, a President to represent each class year, Director of Operations, Buildings & Grounds Chairperson, Housing & Dining Chairperson, Campus Safety Chairperson, and a Diversity & Social Justice Chairperson.

B. Elections for officer positions will follow the procedures outlined in the Student Council bylaws. If an officer is unable to serve their term, the Council will fill the vacancy through a special election, as outlined in the Student Council bylaws (Article 1, Section 3).

C. Student Council officers are subject to removal from office as outlined in the Student Council bylaws (Article 1, Section 5).

D. Officer expectations, including expectations regarding meeting attendance, are outlined in the Student Council bylaws.

Section 4: Executive Committee

A. The Student Council Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Business and Finance, and the Student Council advisor.

B. The Director of Operations shall provide administrative support to the Executive Committee but shall have voice but not vote.

C. The Executive Committee shall meet regularly outside of general meetings.

Section 5: Elections

A. The Vice President for Student Life will facilitate elections for Student Council government officer positions.

Section 6: Meetings

A. The Student Council shall meet regularly throughout the academic year. General meetings shall be publicized and open to all Kenyon College community members.

Section 7: Advisor

A. The advisor to the Student Council shall be assigned by the Vice President for Student Affairs of the College.

B. The voting members of the Student Council may call for a vote of no confidence of the advisor, as deemed necessary. The voting threshold shall be a simple majority.

Section 8: Finances

A. Student Council shall allocate the student activity fee and oversee its expenditures.

Section 9: The Greek Council

A. The Greek Council shall be the official representative body for the social fraternities, sororities, and societies recognized at Kenyon. Its functions shall be:

  • to represent the opinions of the fraternities and sororities in any matter affecting their common interests as distinct from those of the student body as a whole;
  • to coordinate and organize social or other activities that involve or affect fraternity and sorority members and pledges as distinct from the student body as a whole;
  • to promote within the fraternities and sororities a sense of purpose consistent with the educational aims of Kenyon College; and
  • to encourage fraternities, sororities, and societies in the acceptance of responsibility for the conduct and interests of their members and to seek clarification and modification of these responsibilities by the Council shall think desirable.

B. The Greek Council shall communicate regularly with the Student Council. Any amendments to the Greek Council governing documents must be ratified by the Student Council.

Section 10: Amendments and Ratification

A. Recommendations for amendments to Student Council bylaws shall require a two-third majority vote of present, voting Student Council members. There must be at least two readings prior to vote. The Executive Committee may vote to reduce this standard to one reading by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. 

B. Amendments must be ratified by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Section 11: Student Council Bylaws

A. The bylaws of the Student Council are secondary rules providing further detail and operational guidance.

Section 12: Oversight

A. All business of the Student Council is subject to the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The President of the College shall be utilized in the case of appeal.