Admissions staff members work with prospective students from specific regions and states, but any of the counselors would be happy to assist you, and you can always contact the admissions team at

International Applicants

If you are an international applicant (except Canada), please contact Michelle Dunavant.

If you are an international applicant from Canada, please contact Robyn Bowers.

Transfer Applicants

If you are interested in transferring to Kenyon from an undergraduate institution, please contact Jack Eyre.

Alabama: JJ Jemison

Alaska: Robyn Bowers

Arizona: Chris Renaud

Arkansas: JJ Jemison

California (except Los Angeles): Chris Renaud
Greater Los Angeles: Diane Anci

Colorado: Mackie Avis

Connecticut: Noah Gurzenski

Delaware: Kate Fetterman

District of Columbia: Mackie Avis

Florida: Kate Fetterman

Georgia: Guy Hatch

Hawaii: Diane Anci

Idaho: Chris Renaud

Illinois: Jack Eyre

Indiana: JJ Jemison

Iowa: Guy Hatch

Kansas: Guy Hatch

Kentucky: Ellen Turner

Louisiana: Guy Hatch

Maine: Noah Gurzenski

Maryland: Kate Fetterman

Western: Noah Gurzenski
Eastern: Karen Osgood

Michigan: JJ Jemison

Minnesota: Robyn Bowers

Mississippi: JJ Jemison

Missouri: JJ Jemison

Montana: Chris Renaud

Nebraska: Guy Hatch

Nevada: Chris Renaud

New Hampshire: Noah Gurzenski

New Jersey: Anthony Dean

New Mexico: Chris Renaud

New York:
New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island): Terry McCue
Westchester: Kate Fetterman
Albany: Noah Gurzenski
Western: Guy Hatch

North Carolina: Kate Fetterman

North Dakota: Chris Renaud

Ohio: Ellen Turner

Oklahoma: Guy Hatch

Oregon: Chris Renaud

Eastern: Anthony Dean
Western: Noah Gurzenski

Puerto Rico: Guy Hatch

Rhode Island: Noah Gurzenski

South Carolina: Kate Fetterman

South Dakota: Chris Renaud

Tennessee: JJ Jemison

Texas: Guy Hatch

Utah: Chris Renaud

Vermont: Noah Gurzenski

Virginia: Anthony Dean

Washington: Robyn Bowers

West Virginia: Guy Hatch

Wisconsin: Mackie Avis

Wyoming: Chris Renaud

U.S. Territories: Guy Hatch