The senior capstone in psychology serves as the culminating experience for psychology majors, allowing students to demonstrate the skills and experience they have developed during their time at Kenyon.

Graduation Requirements

Make sure you have completed your requirements:

  • Make needed changes before the end of the drop/add period
  • Speak to your advisor if there are problems

Remember that your senior exercise is posters only (no exam).

Poster Process

  • Write a research proposal on a chosen topic in your senior seminar.
  • Toward the end of the semester, present a poster that summarizes the proposal:
    • Make a case that this is an important research question to study 
    • Describe your proposed methodology
    • Present appropriate statistical analyses and expected results
    • Discuss expected results in the context of the literature and give suggestions for future research
  • There will be a 30-minute oral exam by three members of the department. Faculty are randomly assigned, and each conversation will last 10 minutes, one on one.


Plans are tentative and, while the dates are likely to remain (nearly) the same, logistics may change. If you are not in residence on campus this semester, please let the department know as soon as possible.

Important Dates for Posters

  • Poster Submission: TBD (electronic PDF to Shanon Hashman)
  • Poster Sessions: TBD(one-hour time slots will be assigned within your regularly scheduled class time; location and slot will be sent via email)

Additional Support

A stat review meeting will be held at the end of March, which will include a brief recap of major statistical tests as well as opportunity for Q&A. It will most likely be held remotely.

Phone Number
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